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Chris August
"No Far Away"

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track listing
  • You And I
  • Battle
  • Starry Night
  • 7x70
  • Want To Be Real
  • No Far Away
  • Loving You Is Easy
  • I'm Gonna Sing
  • It's Always Been You
  • Winter Time
  • Canyons
    (Beautiful Noise)

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    Chris August
    "No Far Away"

    One of Christian Music's newest artist (from 2010) is Chris August -- His official major label album, No Far Away achieved the #1 Christian hit, "Starry Night." His manager was Joe Simpson, father of Ashlee and Jennifer Simpson. He did accomplish an independent self-produced album, which was released before No Far Away, entitled A Beautiful Thing.

    What does the album title No Far Away mean? Based on the title song, it is based on Psalm 139 - "Lord, you have probed me, you know me. / You know when I sit and stand; you understand my thoughts from afar. / You sit through my travels and my rest; with all my ways you are familar." Chris August's lyrics: "When I ran from You, I ran to You / And when I tried to hide, I found You there." Our Lord already knows who we are; He has searched us, and known us. "There's no way to get away from You" God is always there, as long as we let Him in, he will remain.

    Within the POSITIVE lyrics Chris August provides (he wrote/co-wrote all the songs on this album), every song on No Far Away proves the Positive meaning in Life, and allowing God into our lives with a positive meaning. The opening track, "You And I" has probably the most powerful, positive and uplifting lyrics you can ever read. "Battle" takes on the challenges of both Good and Evil, God and the Devil, Love against Enemy. God's Creation is the subject of "Starry Night," where observing the hurts of living in a broken home is the topic of "7x70," and how to make things right by forgiving. "Want To Be Real" shows how to keep believing, even when in doubt, or confusions that may arrive. "Loving You Is Easy," "I'm Gonna Sing," "It's Always Been You" -- ALL positive titles, All positive lyrics. "Winter Time" (despite how some feel about this season), this song highlights the beauty of wintertime, and how it's here for a while, and it goes away. But still, the beauty of the snowfall, even the coldness, shares a positive side. "Canyons (Beautiful Noise)" is a song (like many others) of Worship.

    No Far Away is one of those albums that keeps your smiles and faith in high spirits and hopes. The music is just as upbeat as the lyrics. Every repeated listen to this entire album will still be in high rejoice. Chris August's No Far Away is a great Christian album. There isn't one bad song on this album. "Starry Night" maybe the biggest hit, yet the entire album is an even bigger hit, as it spotlights Positive lyrics, and Positive music. No references of violence or violent death, no gangs, no drugs, no explcit sex. All Positive, through the eyes of God.

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    Mannheim Steamroller--Fresh Aire 8
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