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Point Blank
"American Exce$$"

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • Let Me Stay With You Tonight
  • Walk Across The Fire
  • Nicole
  • Go On Home
  • The Getaway
  • The Way You
    Broke My Heart
  • Restless
  • Cadillac Dragon
  • Do It All Night

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    Point Blank
    "American Exce$$"

    The band name Point Blank may or may not ring memory bells, but for those who remember the hit "Nicole" back in 1981, the song will easily be remembered. Discovered by management of ZZ Top and Eric Johnson, the band released 3 albums in the style of southern rock. But they switched to a harder rock sound for their fourth album, 1981's American Exce$$, which made "Nicole" a huge hit.

    All the tracks on American Exce$$ has the harder rock sound, and is really no comparison to Southern Rock. There are some comparisons to later 1970s rock bands, likewise early 1980s Rock. The album starts off with "Let Me Stay With You Tonight," as it defines the sound of the early 1980s Pop Rock; The vocalist (John O'Daniel) has a slight resemblance to Eric Carmen of the 1970s band, The Raspberries. "Walk Across The Fire" brings another comparison of one band from the 1970s/early 1980s, the band from Canada, April Wine.

    The album gets much better, with the harder rock sound -- "Go On Home," "Getaway" and "The Way You Broke My Heart" are all great early 1980s rockers. On "Getaway" the vocalist resembles another early 1980s rocker, Billy Squier. Jumping to another track, "Cadillac Dragon" is also another great rocker.

    The remaining two tracks, "Restless" and "Do It All Night" are pretty good rockers, as this album does have an impression of good sounding early 1980s Rock.

    Throuughout their career in their heyday, Point Blank was known for their relentless touring. Yet by 1983 the band had broken up. In September of 2005, the band's core members reunited for a benefit concert, which resulted in a live album, entitled Reloaded. They continued to tour, and in 2009, they released their first studio album in 27 years, Fight On! Both the live and studio albums were released on the Dixiefrog label.

    It was sad to learn that three of the band members passed away: Phillip Petty (bass), in 2010; Kim Davis (guitarist), in 2010, and Michael Hamilton (keyboardist), 2011. Only two original members are in the current lineup: guitarist Rusty Burns, and vocalist John O'Daniel. The band is currently working on new material for an upcoming studio album.

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