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The Pretenders

© Sire/Warner Brothers Re Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • Precious
  • The Phone Call
  • Up The Neck
  • Tattooed Love Boys
  • Space Invader
  • The Wait
  • Stop Your Sobbing
  • Kid
  • Private Life
  • Brass In Pocket
  • Lovers Of Today
  • Mystery Achievement

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    The Pretenders

    The Pretenders' debut release Pretenders also debuts this band on At the height of Punk Rock in the late 1970s, The Pretenders, along with Chrissie Hynde, broke onto the scene with vegenance, as many were surprised that such a Punk/Rock band would be lead by a female singer. Her voice was unique, (likewise her looks). The band's sound was prestigeous. The Pretenders was, and still is, one of the best bands to emerge from both the Punk and Rock scenes.

    "Precious" is a song a vaugely remembering hearing on the radio with moderate airplay. "The Phone Call" and "Up The Neck" are album tracks that I don't remember, yet they show Hynde's distinctive voice. 3 songs have passed, and is this album considered a Rock album or Punk?

    "Tattooed Love Boys" is another song I remembering hearing on the radio, as this song definitely has the late '70s Punk style. "Space Invade" is a cool, Punkish instrumental. It's good for an opening theme song. "The Wait" is one of my favorite tracks from this album. Full of energy, both musically and vocally. "Stop Your Sobbing" is another radio favorite, as it was a remake, originally recorded by The Kinks.

    "Kid" is another good album track, as the guitar part sounds like an old '60s tune, that I just can't seem to name. "Private Life" has a slight reggae feel, and it's another song that I vaguely remember hearing played on the radio.

    But the biggest hit from the Pretenders' debut was "Brass In Pocket." It hit big on all the radio stations, and even on MTV. "Lovers Of Today" is another impressive album track, and the closing song, "Mystery Achievemnt," is another favorite of mine, that never gets tiring.

    So, is the debut Pretenders album Rock or Punk? It's both, but for some, it probably points towards the Punk side, as it easily fits the other late 1970s Punk bands that emerged onto the scene. Chrissie Hynde's voice has always stood out, proving herself as one of the best female lead vocalists in Rock. They've recorded great songs after their debut, and they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. Pretenders is an excellent album and debut, and they've kept their excellent status as a band for the past 30 years.

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