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The Almost
"Southern Weather"

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track listing
  • Say This Sooner
  • Done There Now
  • Sirty And Left Out
  • I Mostly Copy
    Other People
  • Southern Weather
  • Stop It
  • Amazing Because It Is
  • Everyone Here Smells
    Like A Rat
  • Never Say I Told You So
  • Call Back When
    I'm Honest
  • Everything That Makes
    Me Sick

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    The Almost
    "Southern Weather"

    The Almost is a Christan rock band, from Clearwater, Florida, formed in 2005. The band was formed by the drummer of the Christian band Underoath, Aaron Gillespie. Underoath's music is Christian metal (hardcore), where The Almost's music is basically a hard rock/alternative band. Comparing The Almost's sound to other Christian bands such as Superchick, Skillet, and even the punkish rock style of Green Day, Southern Weather was the band's debut album in 2007.

    Fans of the (now-defunct) radio station Q101 in Chicago, can relate to this kind of Alternative Rock. Most Christian Rock stations would also play music by The Almost, while Gillespie's other band, Underoath, probably would not. (Hardcore Christian metal, like regular Hardcore Metal, is basically loud music and screaming lyrics.)

    Basically, Southern Weather generates the hard rock alternative sound. Of the 11 tracks, there are only two that are less rocking (mellower sound). And those two songs are: "Dirty And Left Out," and "Amazing, Because It Is." As for the others... Hard Rock to Alternative, to Punk.

    Now that Chicago radio station Q101 has left the airwaves, I wasn't a regular listener to this station. Most of the Alternative Rock music is basically loud, and you would have to get used to this kind of music. (Basically, this is the same as Hip-Hop/Rap, but not sure if I could get used to it.) Most of Alterative (or even Rap) is tolerable, and some better than others. The Almost's music is one of those bands, where you either really enjoy Alternative Rock, or you really don't. Taking in stride, their music is listenable, compared to the Hardcore Metal bands where it is just "noise."

    Each song's lyrics is in the CD booklet. And just going over a few of the songs and their lyrics -- I did not see anything regarding Christian themes. Most of the lyrics are based on almost-negative aspects. So, how does this classify itself as a Christian album? My guess is Aaron Gillespie, a member of the Christian hardcore band Underoath. I did a search on Underoath lyrics, and I did come across such Christian-themed lyrics, such as in "A Love So Pure." And then there are the sorrowful lyrics in their song "Act Of Depression." God and the Christian faith has been mentioned in both these songs' lyrics, yet when looking at Southern Weather, the interpretations of the lyrics really doesn't refer to Christian themes. For example, the title "Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat." Maybe the lyrics from this song -- Someone more will have to stop you now, Unsending grace will make you leave the ground." Most positive-lyrics easily tells to choose to God. Here, they are assuming "Someone more" is God? And how about these titles -- "Dirty And Left Out," "I Mostly Copy Other People," "Call Back When I'm Honest," "Everything That Makes Me Sick." -- Can you see Christian acts such as Third Day, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, etc. singing song titles such as these? I would say No.

    Don't get me wrong -- I know there are Christian songs based on negativity, and even death. But there has always been a positive message in all these songs, even the more uplifting Christian songs.

    As for the music itself, it's Hard Rock/Alternative, with a few mellow sounding tunes. Both Underoath and The Almost achieved to the top of the Christian Albums chart. Maybe Underoath will not get enough radio airplay on some Christian stations, due to its "loudness." The Almost would have a better chance; maybe just have to understand the lyrics a little better.

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    Previous Review: #1265
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