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The Ides Of March

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Year of Release: 1970

track listing
  • Vehicle
  • Factory Band
  • The Sky Is Falling
  • Home
  • Wooden Ships/
    Dharma For One
  • Bald Medusa
  • Aire Of Good Feeling
  • Time For Thinking
  • One Woman Band
  • Symphony For Eleanor
    (Eleanor Rigby)
  • Superman
  • Melody

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    The Ides Of March

    Whether you're from Chicago/Illinois or not, "Vehicle" by The Ides Of March is the signature song by this band, led by Chicago's own Jim Peterik. Most thought the song was originally recorded by Blood, Sweat & Tears, with it's sound of horns, and even Peterik's vocal being compared to BS&T's David Clayton-Thomas.

    Jim Peterik's The Ides Of March have reunited recently, as they re-recorded 2 albums (Ideology and Ideology II.0) of their well-known songs with new tracks. As for their original 1970 releases, it basically took forever for them to be reissued on CD. (The same story went for Peterik's future 1980s popular band, Survivor.) Having the original versions are the best to have, and listening to other album tracks from these original releases. Vehicle was released in 1970, as the title track would be a staple on AM & FM radio stations.

    As for the original album, this band is definitely a great Rock and Soul band. The album kicks off with their signature tune and title track. Peterik's voice is soulful with the basic rock and roll sound on "Factory Band." Another good rocking tune, and definitely fits the 1970s decade of Rock, most comparably to the band Brownsville Station, is "The Sky Is Falling."

    "Home" slows the rock tempo down a bit, and in a good way. It's a great medium tempo ballad. "Wooden Ships/Dharma For One" was originally recorded by Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, and the Ides' version gives it a Psychedelic touch. "Bald Medusa" and "Aire Of Good Feeling" were re-recorded for the Ideology II.0, where they were originally recorded on the Vehicle album. "Bald Medusa" is kinda bluesey, and cool in its own rights. "Aire Of Good Feeling" resembles the Rock of Blood, Sweat & Tears. Soulful easily describes "Time For Thinking."

    "One Woman Man" has more of a soft rock approach. Their turn on the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" -- "Symphony For Eleanor Rigby" is very different than the original version, just as Vanilla Fudge's version was very different (and Psychedelic) than that of the Beatles.

    There are 3 bonus tracks on the CD reissue from Magic Records label: "Lead Me Home Gently" -- where did they find this one? It's a great song, as Peterik's vocal is just superb, and this song definitely has a spiritual sound. For the fans of the "Vehicle" hit, they will equally enjoy "Superman." (This track was originally included on their second album, Common Bond.) The last bonus track, "Melody," has a Soulful Rock sound.

    Defintely worth checking out, The Ides of March Vehicle may have been an overlooked album of the 1970s decade. The wait for the CD reissue was well worth it. This album is easily enjoyed from it's first listen and beyond. The Ides Of March actually started in the late 1960s, as they had one huge hit called "You Wouldn't Listen." But their heyday was in the 1970s with hits such as "Vehicle" and "L.A. Goodbye" (from Common Bond).

    The Ides Of March released only four albums in the early 1970s: Vehicle, Common Bond, World Woven, Midnight Oil. Only their first two albums are available on CD, but unfortunately, the remaining are not.

    Jim Peterik and the Ides of March are currently on tour, as they perform in the Chicago/Illinois area. I did have the honor of seeing Jim and Survivor in concert twice. Looking at their website (, they perform the Ides' favorites, likewise popular songs from Jim's other band, Survivor. I have yet to see the Ides in concert, but with Jim Peterik in the band, I'm sure it's worth seeing for the entertaining value. The Ides have released a new album of new material, Still 19, released in 2010. They've also released an Essential collection, and a live album. Peterik has also contributed to other projects, such as Age Before Beauty, Kelly Keagy, Pride Of Lions, and Lifeforce. He has had two solo studio albums, and one live. For more info on Jim Peterik, click here (Wikipedia). His main website is

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