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Smash Mouth
"Astro Lounge"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Who's There
  • Diggin' Your Scene
  • I Just Wanna See
  • Waste
  • All Star
  • Satellite
  • Radio
  • Stoned
  • Then The Morning Comes
  • Road Man
  • Fallen Horses
  • Defeat You
  • Come On Come On
  • Home
  • Can't Get Enough
    Of You Baby

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    Smash Mouth
    "Astro Lounge"

    Smash Mouth's second album of their career basically put them on the map in popular music. Their first album Fush Yu Mang contained the huge hit, "Walking On The Sun." Astro Lounge launched "All Star," "Then The Morning Comes" and a cover of "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" (originally recorded by Question Mark & The Mysterians). When I think back on these songs, especially "Walking On The Sun" and "All Star" they are a little quriky/corny, but the songs had that "catch," and the videos were exceptionally sharp. Why do I think of Uncle Kracker when I see the band's lead singer? Maybe they resemble in looks, maybe by their song styles too. Having said this, both acts are exceptionally well.

    "Who's There" kicks off the album, sounding like any general Rock/Pop (maybe Alternative?) sounding tune. Good song to start out the album,g as the next song, "Diggin' Your Scene" gets the familiar sound of Smash Mouth, based on "Walking On The Sun" and the popular songs most remembered from Astro Lounge. "I Just Wanna See" is a gliding smooth'er, going through the flow. "Waste" is more of a ballad, more soft-paced. "Satellite" is a bit different, almost jazzy, definitely not rock-ish as their familiar songs are. "Radio" has a more harder rock edge, leaning towards the Alternative Rock mode. Like "Satellite," "Stoned" it's different, and again, tends more towards Alternative Rock. "Road Man" has a reggae feel. "Fallen Horses" is a "cool tune," smooth. "Cool and Rockin" describes "Defeat You." Upbeat, a little punkish for "Come On Come On." "Home" is smooth sailin', almost reggae-ish; just smooth.

    Cool and Collective best describes Smash Mouth's groundbreaking Astro Lounge. This album basically put them on the map, with the 3 big hits mentioned. This album tends to grow on you, as the album gets better towards its end. Smash Mouth released far more albums after Astro Lounge, (their most recent in 2012). However, they did not achieve big hits after Astro Lounge. Maybe Smash Mouth got enough recognition they deserved with their first two albums? But for their true fans, their music continued on, as the history of Smash Mouth started in 1997, and continued into 2012.

    "Walking On The Sun" from their first album, and the three hits from Astro Lounge, preferably "All Star" marked the well-known popularity of the band Smash Mouth. Although no further hits are best remembered, the songs from the first two albums are quirky, yet entertaining and memorable. Astro Lounge just may grow on you, in enjoying the album better, but the overall popular hits are the standouts.

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