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Rod Stewart

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Year of Release: 1984

track listing
  • Infatuation
  • All Right Now
  • Some Guys Have
    All The Luck
  • Can We Still Be Friends
  • Bad For You
  • Heart Is On The Line
  • Camouflage
  • Trouble

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    Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart's 1984 release, Camouflage is a must. Rod Stewart is one of many artists, who has original albums worth collecting, and not just getting their "Greatest Hits/Best Of" compilations. There isn't one bad track on this album, as he rocks on 99% of all the tracks.

    The two biggest hits that received airplay (both on radio and video play) -- "Infatuation" and "Some Guys Have All The Luck." What's also interesting are two remakes: "All Right Now" (originally recorded by Free), and "Can We Still Be Friends" (Todd Rundgren). The Free remake is definitely different, giving it a more up-to-date feel, as it's kicked up than the original. The Rundgren remake is just as good as its original.

    Two other rocking tunes are "Bad For You" and "Heart Is On The Line." -- Great rocking tunes, in typical Rod Stewart rock fashion. Likewise the same for the title track. The last track, "Trouble" is probably the "less rocking" song, but its another good song to match the rest of the songs. "Trouble" is a bit slow-paced than the others, as it almost relates to another song by him, "Downtown Train."

    Another highlight to mention: Jeff Beck plays guitar on three songs: "Infatuation," "Can We Still Be Friends" and "Bad For You." Rod Stewart was Jeff Beck's lead singer in The Jeff Beck Group.

    Again, there isn't one bad song on this album. The videos of songs from this album is also worth checking out, (most are found on For any Rod Stewart fan, his original albums are worth the ones to listen to. Some may like his Greatest Hit compilations and the likes, but for those who grew up on his albums, will definitely want the original albums. (Just as any die hard fan of any band or artist, the original albums are worth it; just bad when they release a box set or the like, where a fan may have all the original albums of the artist, but will have to get the box set, due to the new recordings.)

    Camouflage by Rod Stewart ROCKS. He has rocked with all his albums, and he still keeps on rocking.

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    Previous Review: #1315
    Joe Satriani--Time Machine
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    Anne Murray--Special Collection