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The B-52's
"Cosmic Thing"

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Year of Release: 1989

track listing
  • Cosmic Thing
  • Dry County
  • Deadbeat Club
  • Love Shack
  • Junebug
  • Roam
  • Bushfire
  • Channel Z
  • Topaz
  • Follow Your Bliss

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    The B-52's
    "Cosmic Thing"

    The B-52's are famous for two particular songs: "Rock Lobster" and the party favorite, "Love Shack." The latter of the two songs mentioned is from this week's Album Pick of the Week review, the 1989 release, Cosmic Thing What can be said about "Love Shack" ? It's probably one of the best songs ever recorded, the video is truly exceptional, and this song just wouldn't make a party complete without playing it somewhere throughout.

    Starting out as what many considered them a Punk/New Wave band, their first big hit, "Rock Lobster"Cosmic Thing"Love Shack." After decades since this album was released, "Love Shack" never gets old; it's still as fresh and exciting as when it was first released.

    VFronted by vocalists Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson, the B-52's music tends to a more "party atmosphere." The songs on Cosmic Thing will easily be a background filler of music for any party. the title track is similar to "Love Shack" and "Rock Lobster," where Fred Schneider does the "chat singing," and the girls sing after him. "Dry County" has a soulful approach, and the upbeat Pop shines on "Deadbeat Club." "Junebug" is another upbeat tune, just as "Love Shack" and the title track. "Roam" was the other hit from this album, where Kate Pierson gets more of the lead vocal. Kate also takes the lead on the next track, "Bushfire," and Fred is heard later. Fred Schneider returns to lead on the cool and upbeat "Channel Z." The last two tracks are quite different: The mellow sounding "Topaz" and the "smooth sailing" instrumental "Follow Your Bliss"; this song can be a great tune for DJs for taking a break, and playing this song, while taking care of other things, before the segment of their show.

    From 1978 - 2008, they've released a total of 8 albums. Only two songs really come to mind when it comes to the B-52's: "Rock Lobster" and "Love Shack." Both songs are "party songs," and they are both songs that can be voted as two of the best songs in Rock History. The unique voices of Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson easily brings a smile to your faces as you hear their music. Cosmic Thing is a good album, and a good party album. I'm sure there are other undiscovered songs by this band that can fit their most famous ones. All in all, they are one of many ultimate "party bands" to enjoy your festivities.

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