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Daniel Powter
"Daniel Powter"

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track listing
  • Song 6
  • Free Loop
  • Bad Day
  • Suspect
  • Lie To Me
  • Jimmy Gets High
  • Styrofoam
  • Hollywood
  • Lost On The Stoop
  • Give Me Life

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    Daniel Powter
    "Daniel Powter"

    Daniel Powter's claim to fame was his #1 hit from 2006, "Bad Day." This song was considered a "one-hit wonder," due to the fact he did not have another song appear on the charts. The song was used throughout the fifth season of American Idol, where it would be the song when each contestant left the show.

    While listening to his self-titled album Daniel Powter (which was his second album of his career), it is obvious that this album is not quite the kind of album I would praise. The album begins with "Song 6" -- which confuses me, being the first track, and not the sixth song from the album. Besides that, Powter's voice starts off as nasally, not a song you would exactly recommend. The next track, "Free Loop" is better than the opening track, but again, not a song to praise over.

    The biggest hit is next, "Bad Day," and when I first heard it, I didn't think it was as great as I thought it would be. However, the song did grow on me, and I eventually liked the song as it was getting more exposure [especially on American Idol].

    "Suspect" is the next track, as it is a good rocking song, yet Powter's vocals could be a little better, especially during the "roughness" singing. "Lie To Me" is very Pop. And as these past two songs pass, the album is slowly getting better. "Jimmy Gets High" is a good song, as it has a soft Soulful touch. Even the next track, "Styrofoam" is good. "Hollywood" is even better, with it's funky approach. This song has enough hope to play regularly. It even has a style that can be compared to the musician named Prince.

    "Lost On The Stoop" has a mystique sound, compared to that of John Lennon, and even Lenny Kravitz. The last track, "Give Me Life" is cool, and a pretty good way to close out the album.

    Daniel Powter just may not be the best album to own. With the big hit "Bad Day" here, the popularity of this hit record did tend to grow on you. In my opinion, the album starts out with a ho-hum feeling, yet towards the end, it gets better. I'm sure with repeated listens, the entire album would probably grow on you better, just as the hit song did.

    Daniel Powter released his third album in 2008, Under The Radar. In December, 2009, he was named as the decade's top One-Hit Wonder by Billboard Magazine. How he was named this, was based on his second hit did not reach the Top 25. As of this date, Bad Day" is his only Hot 100 hit (Billboard Magazine). Recently, he released the song "Cupid" which will be on his upcoming album, due to be released in the Summer of 2012, Turn On The Lights. Will this album achieve another huge hit, or even more? Time will tell.

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