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Year of Release: 2006

track listing
  • Can't Hide
  • Dangerous
  • Love Found Me
    (Love's Got A Hold)
  • Greed
  • Drifter
  • Live And Breathe
  • Alright My Friend
  • Razor
  • Table
  • Least Of These
  • Untitled Hidden Track

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    DecembeRadio is an awesome Christian Rock band, of whom I discovered on Illinois Christian Radio station, SHINE.FM. I can't recall the song I heard, but their lead singer resembled Bryan Adams, one of my favorite singers, and their sound had a truly great Rock style. In researching them, they had only two albums, their self-titled release from 2006, Satisfied released two years later. As I write this review, I discovered they had released two independent albums in 2005: Dangerous and Noise. Their most recent album is Live, released in 2010.

    DecemberRadio's band members are Brian Bunn (lead guitar, vocals), Eric Miker (guitar vocals), and Josh Reedy (lead vocals, bass guitar). The band realized the God had given them their musical gifts, as they were destined to play music for God. The band's name was made after Eric Miker photographed an old radio with a calendar on top of it opened to the month of December. Their 2 independent albums, of which Noise consisted of praise and worship cover songs. Dangerous contained original songs, and one cover song. Drummer Boone Daughdrill joined the band in late 2005.

    DecembeRadio contained two singles, "Love Found Me (Love's Got A Hold)" and "Drifter." The album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album, which Jonny Lang's album won the award.

    The album kicks off with "Can't Hide," having a more Alternative Rock sound. It's chorus does resemble that of singer Bryan Adams' rough style. "Dangerous" is also in the Alternative Rock style, yet having a more darker/harder sound.

    "Love Found Me (Love's Got A Hold)" has a great Rock sound, just as songs by Bryan Adams, or even Bon Jovi. This song is probably considered the best track. "Greed" has a Southern Rock feel intro, as it merges into another great Rock/Alternative Rock sound. "Drifter" is more of a ballad, with great accoustic guitar. It has a similiarty to the Black Crowes, in particular, "She Talks To Angels." (Not exactly sounding like this Black Crowes song, but to the vocals and music style.)

    "Live And Breathe" is another good rocker, "Alright My Friend" is an "alright" tune. The next two tracks are two good Alternative Rockers, "Razor" and "Table." The closing song, "Least Of These" has a softer sound. There is an untitled hidden track, where it sounds like a jam session with the tapes rolling.

    DecemberRadio's debut is Rock, Alternative Rock, and is a Christian Rock album. The liner notes do include the lyrics to each song, as the band sings to God, and their religious messages. This band is definitely worth looking and listening to. Hard Rock/Alternative Rock fans also should discover the band DecembeRadio. There are not many Hard Rock/Alternative bands in the Christian phase, and if there are, I would look into knowing more about them.

    Yet there are the hardcore bands of Christian music, yet these bands' style is more of screaming vocals, and hard-crunching metal. Alternative (Christian) Rock bands such as DecembeRadio is what we need more of. Of course, there are the common "Rock" of other great Christian bands, such as Third Day, Casting Crowns, MercyMe, etc. Yet the harder rock sound (or even that of "regular rock") of such a band like DecembeRadio would receive more fans from say, 3 Doors Down, Blues Traveler, Fuel, Goo Good Dolls, (the list goes on and on...)

    Discover DecembeRadio. Not only will you enjoy their Rock sound, discovering songs of the Christian faith would also spark your interest, in songs that have messages of God and Worship, and not sex, drugs and violence.

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