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Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention
"Fillmore East, June 1971"

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track listing
  • Little House
    I Used To Live In
  • The Mud Shark
  • What Kind Of Girl
    Do You Think We Are
  • Bwana Dik
  • Latex Solar Beef
  • Willie The Pimp
  • Do You Like My New Car
  • Happy Together
  • Lonesome Electric Turkey
  • Peaches En Regalia
  • Tears Began To Fall

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    Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention
    "Fillmore East, June 1971"

    I never did get the chance to see Frank Zappa in concert, as I developed a better interest in his music in my much later years. For those who did see him in concert, the reviews were extremely exceptional. From his many concerts, there were a large majority of albums released. Zappa's Fillmore concert in 1971 was released, and as I listen to this album, I would have to agree, (and although I am not a huge fan of live albums), this album I can easily close my eyes, listen, and see that not only did Frank & Company put on a great show, the members of the audience were easily entertained.

    Leading off this live album is the instrumental "Little House I Used To Live In" -- it starts out as if it was a track by Crosby, Stills, Nash and/or Young; yet towards the end, it has the familiar "Zappa Jazz" sound. The next five songs blend together as a typical Zappa comedical satire: "The Mud Shark, What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are, Bwana Dik, Latex Solar Beef," and the instrumental "Willie The Pimp."

    Speaking of comedy, "Do You Like My New Car" is a talking track. A very interesting chat, many rock artists/bands are mentioned, and it does tend to a sexual nature. Speaking of many rock artists/bands, "The Mud Shark" was based on a camera trip by members of the rock band Vanilla Fudge. Also, Led Zeppelin's drummer, John Bonham was also involved.

    members of the band The Turtles join in on their memorable hit, "Happy Together," as this version gets a nice treatment here. "Lonesome Electric Turkey" starts out as soulful sounding, yet it's still "Zappa Rock." "Peaches En Regalia" is one of Zappa's classics, and the album ends with the happy-go-lucky tune, "Tears Began To Fall."

    Some notes on the reissue of this Fillmore East concert -- The 2012 reissue contains the full version of "Willie The Pimp, Parts 1 & 2." Another interesting note, is that John Lennon and Yoko Ono appeared on stage for a half hour set. This was included on Lennon's "Live Jam," a bonus disc on his release Sometime In New York.

    A concept-like concert, the Fillmore East June 1971 is quite entertaining. I don't think the concert is available on DVD, yet if it is, it would be entertaining to watch this concert, just as any entertaining Zappa concert would be.

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