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Evil Beaver
"Lick It!"

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Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • The Footmacist
  • Enter Beaver
  • Cherry Master
  • Superbird
  • Our Garden
  • Muff Control Unit
  • Chokin' The Pearl
  • Macho Man
  • Year Of The Cookie
  • The Ballad Of
    Sandy D. Martino I
  • The Ballad Of
    Sandy D. Martino II
  • Cracked Ass
  • Burnin' Beaver Blues

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    Evil Beaver
    "Lick It!"

    Evil Beaver is one of many bands and artists that WSVNRadio promoted on its Hall of Fame series. They appeared on our Volume 2 CD, with their song "Cherry Master." The song was from their album Lick It! This album was released in 2000, being their first full-length album.

    Lead by bassist/vocalist Evie Evil, along with drummer Laura Ann (L.A.) Beaver [Masura], the band's sound is alt-metal. Some may even say Punk Rock is in the mix. The two formed Evil Beaver in 1999. Their trashy, sexy camp was a popular draw on the local club scene, in Chicago. An independent EP was released in 1999, entitled Smells Like Christmas Spirit Lick It! became their full-length album the following year.

    When WSVNRadio promoted Evil Beaver for its Hall Of Fame Volume 2 CD, the band's website was A falling out between Evie Evil and Laura Ann Beaver emerged, as the two went their separate ways. Evie Evil remained Evil Beaver's following, as her band still continues to play today. As for Laura Ann, she is currently making preservative jams, and is not in the music business. She nearly lost her foot in a motorcycle accident in 2009. For more information on Laura Ann Masura, click here.

    Thirteen songs are on Evil Beaver's Lick It!: The album starts off with a loud, thrashy, punkish song called "The Footmacist.". Surely this song (as well as the band's sound) will get your attention. One of the better songs is the next one, "Enter Beaver." Fans of the Alternative Rock band The Smashing Pumpkins will enjoy this song, as well as many others contained on Lick It!, are compared to the band lead by Billy Corgan.

    "Cherry Master" is another loud and thrashy tune as the album's opener. Smashing Pumpkins come to mind on the next 5 tunes: "Superbird," "Our Garden," "Muff Control Unit," "Chokin' The Pearl," and "Macho Man." Of these songs, "Superbird" has a loud chorus; "Muff Control Unit" and "Macho Man" are definite Alternative rockers.

    "Year Of The Cookie" is a more mellower Alternative tune, and the instrumentation on "The Ballad Of Sandy D. Martino (I and II)" is just simply "cool." The two songs blend together, as if it was one whole song.

    "Cracked Ass" has the common Alternative sound, and the album's closing song, "Burnin' Beaver Blues" is a 180 turn different. It's bluesy, and kinda brings a smile to your face the way it sounds in general -- This one is very good!

    There are (but I could not locate them on the CD), two videos of Evil Beaver mentioned on the Lick It! CD: "Macho Man" and "Superbird." The next best route was to look on YouTube for these videos. "Macho Man" can be found here. The video of "Superbird" I found is from a more recent live performance by Evie Evil in 2011, located here.

    Evil Beaver's music is definitely LOUD, definitely THRASHY, as they are reviewed by others. As described on Wikipedia:
    Bass and drum rock duo Evil Beaver has shared the stage with a diversity of musical artists including; Chevelle, Fu Manchu, The Gossip, Nina Hagen, Peaches, Rasputina, Shellac, The White Stripes.

    EVIL BEAVER features Evie Evil on bass and vocals supported by various drummers that at times have included members of Dee Dee Ramone, Queens of the Stone Age, and Eagle of Death Metal.

    The music is rock & roll that features only bass and drums.

    Evie Evil's vocals melodies are dynamic. Her voice is seductive and powerful.

    As a bassist, Evie is a pioneer. Her bass playing skills are mind blowing. Her playing style is uniquely original with over-powering hooks.

    From the first release "Lick It" (2000), to the most recently released, "7 YEARz of ROCK” (2009), Evil Beaver continues to push the boundaries of kick ass rock & roll.

    EVIL BEAVER is always performing live and touring internationally.

    With its uniquely beautiful sound and showmanship, Evil Beaver has forged into a not-2-miss live experience.

    More information can be found at the Evil Beaver website, at their Wikipedia page.

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