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Martina McBride
"Greatest Hits"

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Year of Release: 1983

track listing
  • My Baby Loves Me
  • Life #9
  • Independence Day
  • Strangers
  • Safe In The Arms Of Love
  • Wild Angels
  • Valentine
  • A Broken Wing
  • Happy Girl
  • Wrong Again
  • Whatever You Say
  • I Love You
  • Love's The Only House
  • There You Are
  • When God-Fearin' Women
    Get The Blues (Intro)
  • When God-Fearin' Women
    Get The Blues
  • Where Would You Be
  • Concrete Angel
  • Blessed

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    Martina McBride
    "Greatest Hits"

    It's hard to believe that Martina McBride has only five #1 hits in her great Country music career. Those five songs are all on her Greatest Hits CD. Those five #1s are: "Wild Angels," "A Broken Wing," "Wrong Again," "I Love You," "Blessed." These songs spanned from the years 1996 to 2002, from six albums.

    I'm sure there are far more songs that could have easily reached the #1 summit. She has been compared to Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Like Faith and Shania, Martina is a Diva, often called the "Celine Dion of Country Music." Just listen to her #1 hits, "A Broken Wing" and "Blessed" -- these two songs are just a few that showcases her gifted voice. Her real name is Martina Mariea Schiff; she married a John McBride in 1988. John was a studio engineer. They have three daughters.

    Her debut album was released in 1992, The Time Has Come. None of the tracks from this album appears on Greatest Hits. The following year saw the release of her second album, The Way That I Am. Four tracks from it appears on Greatest Hits: The nice, rockin' country sound is heard on "My Baby Loves Me," "Life #9," the ballad "Strangers," and another impressive soft-Country tune, "Independence Day."

    Her third album was released in 1995: Wild Angels. The Country scene was now discovering Martina McBride as a major talent. The title track went to #1, and another track from it, the rockin' country tune "Safe In The Arms Of Love" are the two songs that appear on Greatest Hits. Evolution would be her fourth album, released in 1997. The rockin' "Happy Girl" and the soft-Country "Whatever You Say" and the ballad "Valentine" (with Jim Brickman) are from Greatest Hits, and her next two #1 hits are from of it as well: "A Broken Wing" and "Wrong Again."

    1988 saw the release of her first Christmas album, White Christmas. A year later, her fifth studio album was released, Emotion. Her #1 hit "I Love You" is from here, and the other tracks from Greatest Hits -- The rockin' Country tune "Love's The Only House," and the soft-Country "There You Are."

    Most Greatest Hits packages include tracks that are new, and never released on a previous studio album. The remaining tracks on Greatest Hits are that: the rockin' "When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues," the soft-Country tunes "Where Would You Be" and "Concrete Angel" and the #1 "Blessed." (So even for the die-hard Martina fans who originally bought her original albums, they had to get the Greatest Hits release for the new tracks.)

    Martina McBride is a fantastic singer, definitely a Diva in her own right. Her Greatest Hits compilation is a good introduction to those who may have never heard of her music. There isn't one bad track on this compilation. And, the tracks are all in chronological order, as a Greatest Hits/Best Of compilation should be. She has released a total of eleven studio albums, one greatest hit compilation, a live album, and a Christmas album. Her Greatest Hits is a great set list of good Country music, and her music will never be disappointed.

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