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The Eagles
"On The Border"

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Year of Release: 1974

track listing
  • Already Gone
  • You Never Cry
    Like A Lover
  • Midnight Flyer
  • My Man
  • On The Border
  • James Dean
  • Ol' 55
  • Is It True
  • Good Day In Hell
  • The Best Of My Love

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    Survivor--Caught In The Game
    The Eagles
    "On The Border"

    Everyone is so used to Their Greatest hits 1971-1975 by The Eagles, as everyone was introduced to many of the band's most famous and popular hits. As much as everyone loves their music, we tend to look at their original releases, to discover the songs that could have been hits. On The Border was released in 1974, and from it, "Already Gone" and "The Best Of My Love" became two staple songs that everyone remembers. Yet as FM stations played the popular hits (especially from Their Greatest Hits), they began playing other tracks, and you'll have to admit, two songs from this album stand out as songs that easily could have fit Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 if it was possible. Those two songs are the title track, and more importantly, "James Dean." The title track definitely defines The Eagles' signature Rock sound, and "James Dean" has a nostalgic 1960s feel. The lyrics to the fallen idol says it all: "Too fast to live, to young to die, bye bye." James Dean died at the young age of 24 from a tragic car crash, in 1955.

    I hate to admit -- but after listening to On The Border, I can't help but to declare that the not-so-remembered tracks are in a category called "Cheesy." They're not bad songs, but of how we know how the Eagles' music is superior, the cheesy tracks do seem to fit, yet these are songs that will not be heavily played on regular Classic Rock formats. Such cheesy numbers are "You Never Cry Like A Lover," ""My Man," and Is It True" come across as hit or miss tunes. However, the Country/Southern Rock tracks such as "Midnight Flyer" may also be classified as cheesy, but "Good Day In Hell" is far better. But to pick out the best cheesy track, would be "Ol '55", and yes, even some may think that the #1 hit "The Best Of My Love" could also be another cheesy number, but it's not, it's a classic, because of the heavy airplay, and becoming another well-known and popular Eagles song.

    On The Border is a well-recorded album. It's not as rocking as other Eagle releases, but it just has enough to even out the waters. Rock, easy-going tracks, and Classic Rock numbers are all here. The standouts are "Already Gone," "On The Border," "James Dean," and "The Best Of My Love." I'm sure all of these tracks are on an Eagles best of/greatest hits package. The cheesy numbers on On The Border may not classify as true Classic Rock, but still, it's The Eagles, one of the best bands from the 1970s. Although they split in 1980, they returned after a decades later (1994), and despite "hell freezing over" -- the band released an album in 2007 of all new material. Afterwards, "Hell" most likely occurred again for them, as conflicts occurred (again) with Don Henley and Co.. Therrefore, we just may have to wait another decade or more for another album of all new material from The Eagles.

    UPDATE: Glenn Frey, member of The Eagles, passed away on January 18, 2016, from rheumatoid arthritis. He had suffered from RA since the year 2000. The medication he had taken led to colitis and pneumonia. In 2015, the Eagles had postponed their appearance, as Frey required surgery. He was 67 years old when he died. The surviving members of the Eagles had stated that they would continue, only if Glenn Frey's son, Deacon, would replace him. The surviving members performed in a tribute to Gleen Frey, on the 58th Grammy Awards, on February 15, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. Since then, the Eagles have not continued.

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    Survivor--Caught In The Game