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Blue Oyster Cult
"Secret Treaties"

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track listing
  • Career Of Evil
  • Subhuman
  • Dominance And
  • ME 262
  • Cagey Cretins
  • Harvester Of Eyes
  • Flaming Telepaths
  • Astronomy

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    Blue Oyster Cult
    "Secret Treaties"

    Blue Oyster Cult returns with the third album of their career, from 1974, Secret Treaties. Many fans/critics have said this release would be the band's best album. As I was growing up, my knowledge of Blue Oyster Cult was very little. Only two songs I was really familiar with, the famous "Don't Fear The Reaper" and "Godzilla." For those I spoke to regarding BOC, their opinions of the band has always been the same: The band is great, and their albums are superior. In listening to their albums years/decades later, Blue Oyster Cult's music to me has been a question mark -- Are they Rock? Are they Metal? Are they Progressive? In researching, some say their music is called "proto-metal"

    Secret Treaties begins with "Career Of Evil" - A song sounding different than most '70s Rock bands/artists. (Again, I'm still trying to classify exactly what and how BOC's music is.) "Subhuman" has a Progressive feel. On "Dominance And Submission," this is where I really ask what kind of "Rock" music this song is-- Rock? Metal? "Proto-Metal" I guess is the answer.

    On the next track, "ME 262" (named after the airplane shown on the Secret Treaties album cover), this song is definitely "Rock n Roll." This kind of Rock is what I am most familiar with. [For more info on the ME 262 plane, click here.]

    "Cagey Cretins" is also "Rock", and kinda catchy. "Harvester Of Eyes" is your typical Blue Oyster Cult Rock, and for Black Sabbath fans, their song "War Pigs" comes to mind on "Flaming Telepaths." (Both Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult toured toured together as "Black And Blue" in 1980. Ronnie James Dio was vocalist for Black Sabbath.) The last track, "Astronomy" is more of a ballad, similiar to Black Sabbath's ballads on their Volume 4, as they also resemble the band Deep Purple.

    Secret Treaties to some is a classic album from Blue Oyster Cult. My opinion may not be as superior, but I do enjoy their music. Their sound is different than most popular bands from the 1970s. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and others like them, does classify Blue Oyster Cult as one of the best bands in Rock history. I give Secret Treaties only two stars, yet I really have to listen to more of the original Blue Oyster Cult albums more thoroughly. The old saying is listening to an album more than once will improve your rating for the album. I still say their songs "Don't Fear The Reaper" and "Godzilla" are THE best BOC songs, and from listening to their other albums, I can easily find album tracks to equal the two songs mentioned.

    Blue Oyster Cult's music is no disappotment. They are one of the best bands in Rock history. They are NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Well, I guess they need a little more cowbell to get them there.

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