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Anne Murray
"Special Collection"

© Capitol Records

Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • Snowbird
  • Destiny
  • Danny's Song
  • A Love Song
  • You Won't See Me
  • He Thinks I Still Care
  • You Needed Me
  • I Just Fall In Love Again
  • Shadows In
    The Moonlight
  • A Broken Hearted Me
  • Daydream Believer
  • Time Don't Run Out
    On Me
  • Just Another
    Woman In Love
  • Now And Forever
    (You And Me)
  • I'd Fall In Love Tonight
  • If I Ever
    Fall In Love Again
  • A Little Good News
  • When I Fall
  • Another Sleepless Night
  • Blessed Are The Believers
  • Nobody Loves Me
    Like You Do

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    Anne Murray
    "Special Collection"

    Anne Murray returns as the WSVNRadio Album Pick of the Week, with another "Best Of/Greatest Hits" collection. Previously, in October of 2005, Anne Murray's Greatest Hits was our APW, with 10 great songs from her career. Her Special Collection has twice the songs plus one (21 songs). Of the 10 that were on Greatest Hits, 9 songs were already part of Special Collection: "Snowbird," "Danny's Song," "A Love Song," "You Won't See Me," "I Just Fall In Love Again," "Shadows In The Moonlight," "Broken Hearted Me," "Daydream Believer." (The one song not on Special Collection: "Could I Have This Dance.")

    Obviously, Special Collection is the better of the two, only because there are mores songs. But the one song not from Greatest Hits would be disappointing. "Could I Have This Dance" is one of her best songs, and it hit #1 on the Country chart.

    The Greatest Hits songs should be no strangers to those who remember Anne Murray's music. Songs from this set like "Snowbird" The Beatles' "You Won't See Me" are the standouts for me, as I used to have the 45 of "Snowbird" when I was younger, and I've always enjoyed "You Won't See Me," whether it be the original Beatles version or even Anne Murray. "A Love Song" is another classic love song.

    "He Thinks I Still Care" is the ol' George Jones tune, and many artists have covered this song, using "He" (female singers) or "She" (male singers). John Fogerty's version from Blue Ridge Rangers is probably my favorite, since George Jones had the original.

    As for the rest, many of the songs I didn't really remember, yet they're all great tunes from one of the best voices to sing beautiful love songs: "Destiny," "Time Don't Run Out On Me," "Now And Forever (You And Me)," "I'd Fall In Love Tonight," "If I Ever Fall In Love Again" (w/ Kenny Rogers), "A Little Good News, "When I Fall," "Another Sleepless "Night," "Blessed Are The Believers," and "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" (w/ Dave Loggins).

    Nine #1 Country songs from this Special Collection: "He Thinks I Still Care," "I Just Fall In Love Again," "Shadows In The Moonlight," "A Broken Hearted Me," "Blessed Are The Believers," "A Little Good News," "Just Another Woman In Love," "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do," "Now And Forever (You And Me)." Anne Murray achieved only one #1 song on the Pop chart: "You Needed Me." Add one more #1, (which is not on this compilation) -- "Could I Have This Dance." That's a total of 11 #1 songs. What an accomplishment; Anne Murray's soft Pop classifies her as one of the great female singers from this era. Even though she may have had more #1's on the Country chart, many of her songs (whether they reached #1 or not) have always been popular with Pop/Country formats.

    A great collection of Anne Murray's hits, but not really complete. It's hard to not find a "complete" set of her music, although give it some more time/years, there just may be one. In today's age of buying mp3s, I'm sure there is a complete set of her music, but it just isn't the same without the cd jewel case, liner notes, and the CD(s) themselves to really make it a complete set. The other way is to find her original albums on CD, if available. I'm sure there other unnoticed gems of songs that were overlooked.

    Anne Murray's Special Collection is a great collection. Although one #1 song may not be included, it's still an incredible collection by one of the greatest voices in Popular Music.

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