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Norman Brown
"Stay With Me"

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Year of Release: 2007

track listing
  • Let's Take A Ride
  • You Keep
    Lifting Me Higher
  • Pop's Cool Groove
  • It Ain't Over BWB
  • So In Love
  • Stay With Me
  • Soul Dance
  • Every Little Thing
  • A Quiet Place
  • I Need You
  • Outro

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    Norman Brown
    "Stay With Me"

    THIS... is SMOOTH JAZZ......

    Norman Brown gets the nod of approval for this week's Album Pick of the Week on WSVNRadio. As we recently upgraded to another genre to our list, JAZZ, Norman Brown's 2007 release, Stay With Me is officially the first Jazz album chosen. (As other Jazz albums were chosen previously as weekly albums, this one is from our category of #1 Jazz; whether they be #1 from the Smooth Jazz and Jazz Albums, courtesy of Billboard Magazine

    Stay With Me accomplished a #1 Smooth Jazz song, "Let's Take A Ride." This song was #1 for seven weeks, in 2007. The album also reached #1 on the Jazz Albums chart in the same year, for one week.

    The opening track, "Let's Take A Ride" is definitely a great Smooth Jazz song. Throughout the entire album, Brown's accomplished guitar playing truly stands out on each track. The next two tracks are equally superb for nice, smooth sounding Jazz: "You Keep Lifting Me Higher," "Pop's Cool Groove."

    "It Ain't over BWB" has a more upbeat style than the cool, smooth rhythms of the first three tracks. Again, definitely worth listening to. (BWB stands for Brown-Whalum-Braun; as he teamed up with fellow jazz artists Kirk Whalum and Rick Braun.) The same style of "It Ain't Over" goes for the title track, which was written by Brian McKnight. (McKnight is another fantastic artist I am definitely interested in: Beautiful, romantic, Smooth Jazz music.) McKnight provides the lead vocals on this album. "Soul Dance" is another more, upbeat track, as Al Jarreau comes to mind.

    "So In Love" returns the smooth, slow, cool, soulful Smooth Jazz style. This song is definitely a mood setter. Also in the same atmosphere is "Every Little Thing." There's even a little of vocalizing here, by Norman Brown. "A Quiet Place" like it's title, is another quiet, pleasant, easy riding track. The album's closing tune, "I Need You" is more of an R&B tune, with Norman Brown providing the lead vocals. "Outro" showcases Brown's fancy guitar playing.

    Stay With Me by Norman Brown is definitely a high-praising Smooth Jazz album. It's pleasant, it's romantic, it's energetic. Truly a mood setter for the romantic evenings. If you're a fan of George Benson's guitar playing, you'll easily enjoy this album. For the true (Smooth) Jazz fan, this one is not to be passed up. An excellent album, Brown has released a total of eight albums of his own, from 1992-2010. He also recorded an album with Kirk Whalum & Rick Braun (as BWB) in 2002. Amazingly, Brown has only one #1 album accomplished. Despite this, his albums are worth listening to. You'll enjoy Norman Brown's music, just as you would enjoy Smooth Jazz in general. Norman Brown is a friend of mine on facebook, we're glad to have him, and proud to play his music on our station.

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