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Keith Richards
"Talk Is Cheap"

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Year of Release: 1988

track listing
  • Big Enough
  • Take It So Hard
  • Struggle
  • I Could Have Stood You Up
  • Make No Mistake
  • You Don't Move Me
  • How I Wish
  • Rockawhile
  • Wrap It Up
  • Locked Away
  • It Means A Lot

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    Keith Richards
    "Talk Is Cheap"

    Just over a year ago, one of Keith Richards' solo albums appeared as our Album Pick of the Week, Main Offender. This album was Keith's second solo album of his career. This week, his debut solo album is chosen, Talk Is Cheap. Although both albums were chosen opposite of their original release dates, what can be said about both albums, is that there is a little bit of everything in musical styles. Where Main Offender has your basic rock and roll, even a little reggae. Talk Is Cheap has this comparison, but all in all, it's basic Rock and Roll.

    Take the opening track, for instance... "Big Enough" is not a Rolling Stones-sounding song. It's funky, as most compare this song to that of James Brown. It's a great song to start off the album, and yet, you can almost hear Mick Jagger attempting a song like this. Speaking of the Stones, the next track, "Take It So Hard" could be a Rolling Stones song. It's a very good tune, just as the Stones were. If you like "Take It So Hard," you just may enjoy "How I Wish."

    I wasn't too wild about "Struggle," as it could be a least favorite song from this album. The same can be said about "You Don't Move Me" -- It's an ok song, yet better than "Struggle."

    As for "different musical styles" -- Rockabilly fans will enjoy the cool sounding "I Could Have Stood You Up." Next to "Big Enough," that song and "I Could Have Stood Up" could have easily received the most radio airplay. "Make No Mistake" is a smooth, soulful tune. "Rockawhile" is also soulful, groovin' and smooth. You Don't Move Me -- ok; better than Struggle

    "Whip It up" and "It Means A Lot" are good rockers. "Locked Away" is probably the soft-sounding (mellow) tune, as it evens out the pace.

    Both Main Offender and Talk Is Cheap are exceptional albums for the Rolling Stones fan. His solo albums are possibly better than his fellow bandmate, Mick Jagger. Both albums also proves that they are more considered as "Keith Richards solo albums," rather than songs that could be better considered as "Rolling Stones songs." (Mick Jagger's first solo album, She's The Boss, sounded more like a Rolling Stones album, rather than a Mick Jagger solo album.)

    Critics gave a big thumbs up for Keith Richards' solo accomplishments. You will feel the same way after listening to either one. If you enjoy his track "Wicked As It Seems" there are similarities in some of the songs on Talk Is Cheap, leading the way to his second solo album. Both albums ... great. Keith Richards achieves great music, either solo or with his fellow bandmates, the Rolling Stones.

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