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The Band Perry
"The Band Perry"

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Year of Release: 2010

track listing
  • You Lie
  • Hip To My Heart
  • If I Die Young
  • All Your Life
  • Miss You Being Gone
  • Double Heart
  • Postcard From Paris
  • Walk Me Down The Middle
  • Independence
  • Quittin' You
  • Lasso

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    Jimmy Reed--Boss Man
    The Band Perry
    "The Band Perry"

    Country act The Band Perry took the nation in 2010, with their self-titled album. Two #1 Country hits emerged from this release -- "If I Die Young" and "All Your Life." Named after their last name Perry, the trio consists of 2 brothers and a sister, Neil, Reed, and Kimberly. Kimberly is the main lead singer for the trio.

    Their debut album consists of songs asking yourself, "Is this Country, Pop, or Country Pop?" Actually, as much as I enjoy today's Country music, a lot of it just songs more like Pop Rock, than the traditional Country sound I grew up on. Listening to the debut of The Band Perry, I can't help but think I'm hearing Kimberly Perry's voice similar to either the Dixie Chicks, or (even worse) Taylor Swift. (Sorry, I just don't consider Taylor Swift as Country.)

    Taking the first track, "You Lie" -- it resembles the Dixie Chicks. (Now, the Dixie Chicks I actually liked, until they [well, Natalie Maines] started the anti-G.W. Bush comments.) The #1 hit "If I Die Young" has Kimberly Perry sounding like Taylor Swift. And of the two #1 hits from this album, I like "All Your Life" the better of the two.

    Four songs to mention, where I felt these songs were just "ok": "Hip To My Heart," "Independence," "Quittin' You", "Lasso."

    On the topic of Rock or Country, "Miss You Being Gone" and "Double Heart" have a more Rock sound. "Postcard From Paris" slows down the pace abit, just as "Walk Me Down The Middle" is more of a ballad, and a track I can actually say it's "good."

    So The Band Perry debut just maybe a great album to some, it's just ok for me. Just like any act, some are well-liked, some are considered die-hard fans, and the others can basically take it or leave it. The Band Perry is popular now, and it seems trios of 2 guys and 1 girl (related or not) is becoming a trend. The Band Perry may not be as popular as Lady Antebellum, but I'm sure they will get better with future releases.

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    Jimmy Reed--Boss Man