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Joe Satriani
"Time Machine"

© Epic Records

Year of Release: 1998

track listing
Disc One:
  • Time Machine
  • The Mighty Turtle Head
  • All Alone
  • Banana Mango II
  • Thinking Of You
  • Crazy
  • Speed Of Light
  • Baroque
  • Dweller On The Threshold
  • Banana Mango
  • Dreaming #11
  • I Am Become Death
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Woodstock Jam
    Disc Two:
  • Satch Boogie
  • Summer Song
  • Flying In A Blue Dream
  • Cryin'
  • The Crush Of Love
  • Tears In The Rain
  • Always With Me
    Always With You
  • Big Bad Moon
  • Surfing With The Alien
  • Rubina
  • Circles
  • Drum Solo
  • Lords Of Karma
  • Echo

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    Joe Satriani
    "Time Machine"

    One again, Joe Satriani returns to WSVNRadio, with a fine album, Time Machine, a 2-disc set. The first disc are tracks that were unreleased from his albums. The second disc (and it's a killer!) are live tracks from various performances. Satriani's guitar works proves himself as virtually one of the greatest instrumental rock guitarists in music history.

    Disc One:
    The opening (title) track sounds like a great tune that could come from a movie soundtrack. Those familiar with the common rock sound of Satriani can be heard on "The Mighty Turtle Head." "All Alone" is the Billie Holiday song "Left Alone"; a beautiful tune, often used for figure skaters. It's bluesy, and a song that the late Gary Moore could have easily recorded. "Banana Mango II" sounds a little like a tropical rock tune. "Thinking Of You" has a Smooth Jazz feel, and it also has a resemblance to Michael Jackson's "Human Nature."

    "Crazy" is a good rocker, and features vocals by Joe (and the other tune supplied with vocals). Another typical rocking Joe Satirani sounding tune is "Speed Of Light." "Baroque" is a nice, easy going song. "Dweller Of The Threshold" is a fast rocker, and almost punk-styled. "Banana Mango" is mysterious, as it could be another movie soundtrack number.

    "Dreaming #11" is funky, and has a nice guitar "train effect" at the end. "I Am Become Death" with its scary title, it's another track destined for a movie soundtrack. "Saying Goodbye" has a pleasant sound, and like it's title, it has a lonely feeling atmosphere. Disc one's last track is the funky jazz'd 16-minute "Woodstock Jam," where Frank Zappa fans may recognize this song as one that Zappa may have recorded himself, only in the Jazz style his fans knew him best.

    Disc Two:
    The second disc is most likely the better of the two. Featuring live performances from Satriani and his band from various concerts. These concerts were from 1992 and 1993, in Philadelphia, Boston, Hammersmith, and San Diego.

    From December, 1992: The Tower Theater, Philadelphia:
    Tracks from this concert: "Satch Boogie" is a hard rocking tune, almost sounding in the style of Van Halen. "Cryin'" is a slow-paced tune. "The Crush Of Love" is a great Rock tune, where it could be used as theme music, as an opening theme song. "Tears In The Rain" is a peaceful, quiet short tune. "Always With Me, Always With You" is one of his best tunes, originally from his classic album Surfing With The Alien. "Big Bad Moon" is a song that many critics raved about -- It's a rockin' boogie tune, as if George Thorogood could have easily played. "Rubina" is another nice and easy tune.

    Two tracks emerge from his 12/1992 concert at the Orpheum Theater in Boston: The hard rocking "Summer Song", and the title track of his most recommended album, Surfing With The Alien.

    Only one track is from his 03/1993 concert in Hammersmith: The title track of another fine album of his, "Flying In A Blue Dream." (This song has the great typical Joe Satriani rock sound.)

    The remaining tracks come from 06/1988 concert at the California Theater in San Diego: "Circles" (another rocker), "Drum Solo" featuring Jonathan Mover on drums, and other good rockers, "Lords Of Karma." and "Echo."

    Time Machine looks at the vaults (Disc One) of Joe Satriani, of tracks unreleased from his albums prior to this release. Disc Two looks at his fine concert performances. It's a great "capsule album" by Joe, and another one easy to enjoy.

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