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Year of Release: 1982

track listing
  • Blackout
  • Can't Live Without You
  • No One Like You
  • You Give Me All I Need
  • Now
  • Dynamite
  • Arizona
  • China White
  • When The Smoke
    Is Going Down

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    This is 1980s ROCK...

    The Scorpions return as Album Pick of the Week, with Blackout, featuring one of the best Rock tracks ever made: "No One Like You." Hard driving, 1980s Rock is here. If you want to rock, this is one album to do so.

    Starting with the opening title track, it's great '80s hard rock to its extent. "Can't Live Without You" sounds a little like AC/DC (again, great hard rock). For those who enjoy Scorpions' "Like A Hurricane," you'll enjoy "You Give Me All I Need." "Now!" reminisces of another great hard rock band, Judas Priest, and their hit, "Breaking The Law."

    "Dynamite" -- like the title, it's power driven hard rock, where "Arizona" has a more common rock style, maybe not in the direction of say harder rock, but overall, it's another great Rock track. "China White" has the atmosphere of an "entrance" song for a wrestler, or an opening for a radio show. It's also a good song for a horror movie soundtrack. The album closes with a softer side of the Scorps, "When The Smoke Is Going Down" -- a good way to close out the album on a soft note, blending well with the harder rock songs throughout the album.

    Another fantastic album for the Scorpions -- Blackout is a great album for those who enjoy the harder rock of Popular Music. Rudolf Schenker's awesome guitar and Klaus Meine's vocals truly stand out, identifying the music easily of that as Scorpions. "No One Like You" is the most remembered track here, and the rest of the album is equally superb.

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    Previous Review: #1360
    Eric Johnson--Ah Via Musicom
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    Shocking Blue--20 Greatest Hits