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"Deja Nu"

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Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • Shu Bop (The Last Track)
  • Hug My Radiator
  • In New York City
  • Ride With You
  • Book Of Dreams
  • If You Wanna
    Rock And Roll
  • Makin' My Heart Go Boom
  • You Move Me
  • Every Day
    (That I'm With You)
  • Hey Suzy
  • I Can Laugh At It Now
  • If I Should Fall Behind

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    "Deja Nu"

    Dion returns with a later release in his great musical career -- his 2000 release, Deja Nu. Dion brings back the classic 1950s/early 1960s sound again, decades later. He was most famous in the late 1950s to early 1960s. It's as if he never left the music scene with this release, singing in the style that, of course, made him famous. The great '50s sound is all here: Doo Wops, R&B, Rock & Roll.

    Obviously one of the many standout tracks is the opener, "Shu Bop (The Lost Track)"; it's Classic Doo Wop at its finest. The next tracks is also another standout, the Chuck Berry-ish "Hug My Radiator." Classic Doo Wop returns again with "In New York City." "Ride With You" definitely has the '50s sound and style.

    Two songs are penned by Bruce Springsteen. The first, "Book Of Dreams" has the '50s/'60s sound, yet you can easily identify this song being a Bruce Springsteen song. The ever popular sound R&B is heard on "If You Wanna Rock And Roll." "Makin' My Heart Go Boom" is definite upbeat rockin' '50s styled song.

    "You Move Me" can be compared to another great 50s/60s classic, "Sea Cruise." It also sounds like many of the tracks Huey Lewis & The News did on their album, Four Chords And Several Years Ago.

    What is interesting to learn, is that Dion & The Belmonts were on the same stage as Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson (aka "The Big Bopper") and Ritchie Valens -- February 3, 1959. Dion did pass on taking the plane to their next performance. Also to mention, that Cricket member Waylon Jennings passed too on the plane, as he and Buddy were joking, as Waylon said, "I hope your plane crashes." (The bus they were going to take had a bad heater.) "Every Day (That I'm With You)" was written for Buddy Holly.

    More upbeat, 1950s Rock continues with "Hey Suzy," and you can't help but feel "cool" on "I Can Laugh At It Now." The album closes with an accapella tune, written by Bruce Springsteen -- "If I Should Fall Behind." It features great great accapella doo wop and harmony, just as Huey Lewis & The News do accapell, extremely well.

    Reminisce back to the early days of Rock & Roll, in the 21st Century: Dion does it extremely well on Deja Nu. All of the tracks, with the exception of the two Bruce Springsteen songs, and "You Move Me" were either written or co-written by Dion. He has released incredible music, during and after his heydays of Rock & Roll. He ventured into Christian music as well. More of Dion's music to come in further reviews here.

    Interesting liner notes from Dion on this album: "These twelve songs were recorded with the same techniques and equipment I used on "The Wanderer" and "Runaround Sue" -- It's fun to listen to. They sound like lost tracks.

    SONG NOTES -- Many of the songs are written from a 50's and 60's approach of expression: Cars, Girls, Love nd music are alive in "Ride With You," "Hey Suzy," and "You Move Me."

    "Everyday (That I'm With You)" is a reflection on my friendship with Buddy Holly.

    "Hug My Radiator" ws written on the tour bus while traveling with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. I finished it much later on with my writing partner nd friend Bill Tuohy.

    "Shu Bop (The Lost Track)" and "Makin' My Heart Go Boom" reminds me of the first time I saw Susan walkin' down the streets of Crotona Avenue in Bronx, N.Y.C.

    I wrote "If You Wanna Rock And Roll" and "I Can Laugh At It Now" for the movie "The Wanderer." "In New York City" and "Book Of Dreams" are reflections on two major moments in my life. One, an unforgettable anniversary night with Susan at the Plaz in New York. The other reminds me of my wedding.

    Hope you enjoy all the riffs, grooves and sounds my friends Louis, Jimmy, Joe and I put down on this CD.

    In loving memory of Gene Schwartz

    With a young heart and a passion, to capture the wonder of the music I grew up with. This album is n expression of joy to you -- my friends.

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