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Scott Stapp
"The Great Divide"

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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Reach Out
  • Fight Song
  • Hard Way
  • Justify
  • Let Me Go
  • Surround Me
  • The Great Divide
  • Sublime
  • You Will Soar
  • Broken

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    Scott Stapp
    "The Great Divide"

    If you enjoy the harder rock edge of Alternative Rock, Scott Stapp's first solo album The Great Divide is for you. If you like the band Creed, this album is for you. If you like Christian Rock, this album is for you. If you enjoy music, this album is for you.

    Scott Stapp was the lead singer of Creed, a very popular band back in the late 1990s. Creed's most notable hits were "Higher," "With Arms Wide Open." Creed's second album Human Clay basically put them in the mainstream, as they achieved their most popularity.

    Like many lead singers from popular bands, a solo direction goes ahead. Scott Stapp's solo attempt is a good one. It continues onward, as if he was still in the band that first made him famous. This album definitely is one to listen to. There isn't one bad track here. It's captivating, moving, and for Creed fans, Scott Stapp keeps the flow going, even if this is a Scott Stapp solo album.

    As I listened to the first few tracks, my overall review would be that this album would be a definitely good harder Alternative Rock album. It's a bit more hard rock edged than Creed. Taking the first four songs does just this. The opening track, "Reach Out," is like, "Wow, this is an awesome hard rocking track." It can easily fit the harder rock Alternative Rock formats. Pearl Jam came to mind on the opening tracks, and another great singer too, Chris Daughtry. Daughtry was more in mind on "Fight Song," and "Hard Way." Both are good rocking tracks.

    "Justify" started out a bit slow in comparison to the previous tracks played, but not much. This song is just as great. "Let Me Go" has the familiar Creed sound; the opening of it slows down and rocks again. "JUstify" and "Let Me Go" another good twofer.

    Then the album starts to tune in a different direction, and a good direction I may say. "Surround Me" is a nice flowing tune, having a Christian Rock atmosphere, both musically and lyrics. As I looked at the lyrics, many of the songs lyrics fits the Christian music faith. Not only is this album sounding like a great harder Rock album, it's also easy to enjoy for the Christian Rock genre.

    The Christian atmosphere continues with the title track. The rest of the album compares to Creed -- "Sublime," "You Will Soar," and the last track reminds me of the later years of Bon Jovi -- "Broken."

    All I can say about this album is ... "Wow" ... This is a must for any Alternative Fan for the first four tracks. And then it moves into the Christian-like genre. As it turns out, Scott Stapp toured with the Christian band Skillet. So it's no surprise how he would focus on the Christian ROck genre. Whether it sounded like Christian music or not, the lyrics say it all.

    The Christian-type tracks are the standouts, and after researching this album, the songs "Surround Me," the title track and "Justify" were the lead singles. They could all easily fit the Christian Rock formats.

    Although rumours of another Creed reunion may or may not happen, they did reunite in 2009 with the album Full Circle. (The band originally split in 2001.) Stapp released his first solo album The Great Divide in 2005, and the works on a second album was put on the shelf. His second album Proof Of Life was released in late 2013.

    Scott Stapp has taken a better outlook on his life. Despite a suicide attempt in 2003, he stopped himself for his son. He has been in activiteis, as he formed the With Arms Wide Open nonprofit organization for underprivleged children. He shaved his head, changing himself for the better, and not wanting to look back at what he used to be.

    Scott Stapp's solo The Great Divide is a great album. Whether "defined" as a Creed album or not, it's a great album to rock out to, enjoying the harder rock tracks, then winding down throughout.

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