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Gargantua Soul

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Calling My America
  • Isabella Madonna
  • Far Away
  • About Earth
  • Deep Cover
  • Gargantua
  • Wolfvision
  • Rabbit Song
  • Jacob
  • Shankaracharya
  • Dark Night

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    Gargantua Soul

    Gargantua Soul is a 6-piece band from New Haven, Connecticut. They were featured on our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 9 CD. Their song, "Jacob" was selected for Volume 9, which was from their 2001 release, Impact.

    Their music is hard rock Alternative, hard-hitting, energetic, with tribal undertones, heavy riffs, funky beats, soulful vocals, and positive lyrics. The Impact band lineup consisted of Kris Keyes (lead vocals), Marc Amendola (guitar/vocals), Jason Bozzi (guitar), Brendan Kane Duff (bass), Tommy Hetz (percussion/keyboards), and Opus (drums). They appeared on many television shows, such as ESPN's X-Trax, USA Network's, VH1 movie At Any Cost. They appeared at the 1999 Woodstock Festival. They have been featured on many college and commerical radio station playlists. Their song "Drive" was 4th place (out of 40,000 entries) in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. They toured with many bands, including Staind, Rage Against The Machine, Union Underground, Soil, Godsmack, Buck Cherry, Taproot, Monster Magnet, Skrape, Drowning Pool, Kittie, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, 2 Skinny J's, Nonpoint, Murphy's Law, Revielle, Machine Head, Candiria, Orgy, Mystical, Wu Tang Clan, Goldfinger, Pete, 6 Gig and more.

    Definitely Alternative with a mix of Rock, Soul, and Rap, Impact has some incredible sounds. It's for the harder edged Alternative fans.

    Kicking off the album is the loud, Alternative hardcore "Calling My America," which was one of their songs to achieve heavy airplays on various college and radio stations. "Isabella Madonna" is another good, basic Alternative Rock, which could easily fit most common Rock formats. "Far Away" starts out as loud and hardcore, yet it winds down, and winds back up again, as it would fit more harder rock Alternative playlists.

    "About Earth" has a much mellower sound, yet it also has its hard rock moments. "Deep Cover" is loud, and it also has an almost-Rap style. Speaking of, "Gargantua" is a mix of Soul, Rap, and Hardcore Rock. "Wolfvision" is another basic Alterntative rocker, where "Rabbit Song" is more speed metal, loud Alternative Rock (early Metallica). "Jacob" no doubt is the album's best track. "Shankaracharya" is another mix of Soul and Alternative. The album closes with a Rock mix with Rap, as Eminem comes to mind, on "Dark Night."

    For the harder edged Alternative Rock fans, Gargantua Soul's Impact does relate to it's title. It does make an impact on the definitely hard rock Alternative sound. WSVNRadio received another album by this band, which will be reviewed at a later date -- The First, The Last, The Tribe (2000). Gargantua Soul only released two albums, as the band's website,, is no longer available online. Band members Kris Keyes and Marc Amendola appear on the music website, with their recent music projects.

    Discover some great Alternative Rock music, with the band Gargantua Soul. We are proud to have promoted them on our Hall of Fame compilations. You can find both Kris Keyes and Marc Amendola on Reverbnation: Kris Keyes, and Marc Amendola.

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    Mario Lanza--The Student Prince