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George Benson
"In Your Eyes"

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track listing
  • Feel Like Making Love
  • Inside Love (So Personal)
  • Lady Love Me
    (One More Time)
  • Love Will Come Again
  • In Your Eyes
  • Never Too Far To Fall
  • Being With You
  • Use Me
  • Late At Night
  • In Search Of A Dream

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    George Benson
    "In Your Eyes"

    George Benson marks his debut here on WSVNRadio, with his 1983 release, In Your Eyes. A highly qualified musician, he not only sings, but plays exceptionally well on guitar. My first recollection of his music was his cover of "On Broadway." Some of his other hits come to mind, such as his version (and a very good one, just as "On Broadway") -- "This Masquerade." "Turn Your Love Around" would be another favorite of mine. In researching Jazz music, it was found that Benson had an outstanding success on the Billboard Jazz Albums Chart, topping that chart with a total of 12 albums, from 1975 to 2009. He recently accomplished a #1 Smooth Jazz track in 2012, as his previous #1 on this particular chart was with Al Jarreau in 2006. Not only has Jazz been a popular source of music in his career, he has had success on other charts, such as Pop and R&B.

    1983's In Your Eyes defines the style of Smooth Jazz and Contemporary Jazz. For any Jazz fan, this album truly is a great album to listen to. It starts out with a familiar 1970s track, in which Roberta Flack made popular -- "Feel Like Making Love." Benson's version is a bit more upbeat than Flack. Another great song is the next one, in the category of Smooth Jazz, "Inside Love (So Personal)". Soul and Smooth Jazz combines on "Lady Love Me (One More Time)." This can also be said on "Love Will Come Again."

    The title track is a lovely ballad, and if you're thinking of another Benson hit while you listen to "Never Too Far To Fall," not only does it have the Smooth Jazz style, but it resembles his hit, "Turn Your Love Around." Benson showcases how uniquely gifted he is on instrumental guitar, on "Being With You." "Use Me" (not the Bill Withers tune) is a nice, soulful track. Nice and peaceful sets the mood on "Late At Night." Benson's instrumental greatness and great Smooth Jazz sound ends the album, on "In Search Of A Dream."

    It truly is amazing to find that George Benson has been recording music since 1964. It was the 1970s that saw his true greatness (most notably his recordings with Warner Bros. Records). Yet he still continued his amazing abilities to sing and play guitar. If you're only familiar with his well-known hits, discover his Jazz albums, and you will be hooked. Smooth Jazz and standard Jazz keeps Benson's music alive. In Your Eyes will keep your focus on his music, not only finding with your eyes his music, but sweetness for your ears as you discover how great his music truly is.

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    Bill Cosby--Hello, Friend: To Ennis With Love