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Mark Lowry
"Mouth In Motion"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • The Date Adventure
  • Paw Paw's Chin
  • Face In This World
  • Exit Row
  • First Class Wrong Flight
  • Every Teacher
  • Some Other Time
    Some Other Place
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • This Too Shall Pass

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    Mark Lowry
    "Mouth In Motion"

    Every group has it's "funny guy" -- The Beatles had Ringo, The Who had Keith (he was more odd than funny), The Monkees had Mickey. Mark Lowry is the "funny guy" of Bill Gaither's ensembles, preferably, The Gaither Vocal Band. Not only is he a Christian singer, he is a very funny comedian. He is Gaither's "Lou Costello" to his "Bud Abbott." He is just as energetic, wild, etc. as Robin Williams. This guy is FUNNY. ANd of course, Lowry can be as serious.

    As I was looking at the used CDs at a local thrift store (owned by a Christian organization), they had quite a few Christian-related CDs there. When I saw Mark Lowry's Mouth In Motion, I just had to get it. Not only did I know he was funny, the album cover is parody of Amy Grant's Heart In Motion. With the "devlish grin" of Lowry's face on the cover, I knew it would be a funny album. And it is -- It's an album of Christian parody songs, two originals (one co-penned by Lowry), and three comedy sketches.

    The album begins with a parody of Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Great Adventure." Lowry's "The Date Adventure" is a funny look at blind dating. "Face In This World" is a parody of Michael W. Smith's "Place In This World." Lowry's take on this one, is his physical appearance. "First Class, Wrong Flight" is an original (penned by Tony Wood & Martha Bolton, Phil Madeira) as a flight is taken, first class, but wrong location.

    Amy Grant's "Every Heartbeat" is the next parody -- Lowry's "Every Teacher" tells the story of how every teacher knows Mark, as they either like him, or most likely, do not.

    Sandi Patty & Wayne Watson recorded the original "Another Time, Another Place" as Lowry was able to get Sandi Patty to join him on his parody, "Some Other Time, Some Other Place." Funny how Lowry sings to Sandi, the encouragement and fulfillness of having her duet with him.

    Now for the comedy side of Mark Lowry: His "Paw Paw's Chin" describes his father's chin became his, and how it carries out on the parody tune, "Face In This World.": Lowry wants to have plastic surgery, as he sings "My hairline's moving, But I am standing still, A chin like Leno's, Nose big as a bill." "Exit Row" tells how he took a plane ride, and the rules in the event of an emergency, leading into "First Class, Wrong Flight." Mark tells the story of how he watched "Open Heart Surgery" on the Discovery channel -- and how important your heart is. And in the end of this skit, he tells how if certain unmemorable events happen, it will pass. As it leads into the last song, and it is the most serious song on this album, "This Too Will Pass." (This song was co-written by Lowry.) All three comedy skits are extremely hysterical!

    Mark Lowry's comedy sketches are incredibly funny, as he makes you think, as the great comics Bill Cosby and George Carlin has done. His humor is of an adult nature at times, but all in all, he makes you laugh. Mark Lowry has recorded both comedy and music albums -- Music parodies, and music of serious natures. His participation on the great music of the Gaither Vocal Band is truly enjoyable, as they are ranked very highly at the top of my list, of favorite Christian acts. As the album cover shows, it's Mark Lowry looking "devlish" although it's in a funny, Christian way. Mark Lowry, as well as the other participants in the Gaither Vocal Band, are worth listening to, whether as the group itself, or individually. (Look forward to Guy Penrod reviews, as he is another member I truly enjoy.) Some of the Gaither Vocal Band's albums have been reviewed here, and there will be more.

    For the Christian humorist, Mary Lowry's Mouth In Motion is funny, and entertaining. As I read some of the reviews on this particular album, some true Christians may not appreciate his humor. But, if you really think about what he says, it all makes sense, no matter how the adult nature theme he discusses. The song parody lyrics are funny as well. Here's a few:
    "The Date Adventure" -- Got a call from Steven, It was just as I'd feared, Said he found my ideal girl, If I could overlook her beard...
    "Face This World" -- A million changes, I want Smitty's kind of chin (Michael W. Smith), All the girl will love, My Steven Curtis Chapman grin, Give me Carman's eyebrows (another Christian artist, Carman), But a bit more overgrown, I'll be a vision, A face almost my own."

    Some call him the Weird Al of Christian music, some call him the Robin Williams of Christian Comedy. (Regarding Weird Al, the TRUE Christian act that is the Weird Al of Christmas music, is the band Apologetix.) Lowry has experience with hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder. Lowry has self-described himself as "Post Boy for Hyperactivity." He has released albums, both music and comedy, likewise video concerts. His latest project is 2013's Unforgettable Classics, a collection of jazz hits which were made famous by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, and others. He also has sevel iPod podcasts -- Saturdays with Mark and Tony, a weekly podcast with Tony Campolo. (Some of the casts are found on Youtube.) He also co-hosts Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio

    On a more serious note, he wrote the lyrics to "Mary Did You Know" for a church Christmas play in 1984. The lyrics were questions he would ask Mary, the mother of Jesus. It took him twelve years to find the music for his lyrics, as musician and songwriter Buddy Greene composed it Since then, this Christmas song has been covered by many artists, including Cee Lo Green, Clay Aiken, Kenny Rogers, Wynonna Judd, Michael English (another member of the Gaither Vocal Band), Daniel Childs, Natalie Cole, Pippa Wilson, Kathy Mathea, and Michael Crawford.

    Mark Lowry -- a great Christian artist, both musically and humorist. Check out his work with the Gaither Vocal Band. I'm sure his comedy albums are as funny as the three comedy skits found on Mouth In Motion. I've watched his videos of him with Bill Gaither, as they were improvised as an Abbott & Costello type comedy duo. If you see the name Mark Lowry, discover him. He's an awesome performer.

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