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Enoch Light
"Persuasive Percussion Volume 3"

© Command Records

Year of Release: 1960

track listing
  • Moments To Remember
  • All The Way
  • Theme From
    Polovetzian Dances
  • Perdido
  • Come Rain Or Come Shine
  • Hawaiian War Chant
  • One For My Baby
  • Kasmiri Song
  • When Your Love
    Has Gone
  • Bingo Bango Bongo Baby
  • Autumn In New York
  • Don't Worry 'Bout Me

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    Enoch Light
    "Persuasive Percussion Volume 3"

    Enoch Light returns this week with an album I transferred from vinyl to CD -- Persuasive Percussion Volume 3 His first volume reached #1, and it was quite obvious, when I heard his music, I was hooked. I never heard of him while growing up, and his name and music was virtually undiscovered. Bachelor Pad music is a 21st Century label for this kind of music I would reckon. Comparing him to other famous bandleaders, Jackie Gleason, Lawrence Welk, Martin Denny (another name alot may not remember either).

    After listening to Volume 1 (which I found on vinyl at a thrift store), I immediately had to get the rest of the Persuasive Percussion series. They were all found on ebay. The next series he did was entitled the Provocative Percussion volumes. The reviews of the latter series was not as popular as the Persuasive, but yet, it was Enoch Light's continuing journey into Stereo music. (He would record his music based on left and right channels, giving a full-stereo effect sound. It was called "ping-pong" music.)

    In 2013, his albums were slowing emerging legally on compact disc. (FINALLY!) Persuasive Percussion Volume 1 given credit as Terry Snyder & The All-Stars, (produced by Enoch Light) saw the CD laser beam. Then his Stereo 35 MM got the CD release as a two-fer with Far Away Places. Later on, the second volumes of each Stereo 35 MM and Far Away Places were reissued as well. There are a few other of his albums that were reissued previously, including a Beatles album. Hopefully more of his studio releases will also be reissued.

    Enoch Light was truly exceptional. His credits including working with Doc Severinsen. Some of Doc's albums on the Command label (which most of Light's most popular albums were recorded on) also were recently reissued on CD. (Doc is another artist I would love to collect his original albums.) Other musicians included Terry Snyder and Tony Mottola.

    Each song from Volume 3 is extremely exceptional. Lots of bongos were heavily used on this album. It all just fits well with the other musical arrangements. "Moments To Remember" (made popular vocally by The Four Lads) kicks off the album, as it reminds of the exceptional music by Jackie Gleason, likewise the next track, "All The Way." "Theme From Polovetzian Dances" is actually "Stranger In Paradise," which was recorded vocally by Tony Bennett. "Perdido" has Lawrence Welk on my mind when I heard this one, as I believe the Champagne master may have recorded his own version of this song.

    Then there's the rest of the album, which I truly cannot get enough of... All of them are just classified as jazzy, cool, great, sexy, upbeat. All in all, it fits the common Jazz styles. Great and jazz defines "Come Rain Or Come Shine," a song that has been covered by many. "Hawaiian War Chant" defines "cool jazz," and the same goes for "One For My Baby." Sexy jazz has "Kashmiri Song," where "When Your Love Has Gone" is cool, upbeat, and jazzy. The title (and instrument that of) on "Bingo Bango BONGO Baby" shines, as the bongos stand out easily on many of the tracks here. "Autumn In New York" is another great mood setter for jazz lovers, and the last track is just great outstanding jazz, "Don't Worry 'Bout Me."

    Volume 3 of Enoch Light's Persuasive Percussion series leaves you wanting more. If you've never heard of Mr. Light's music, I highly recommend and suggest it. It's a shame his music has been overlooked, and especially his recordings not available regularly on CD. Hopefully with the reissues in 2013 of some of his music, they will be recogonzied more, and hopefully we will see more of his albums get the legal nod to appear on CD.

    Other than finding information about Enoch Light is on Wikipedia, his story there is just not enough to learn from. There was an Enoch Light website, which was created by a fan, but that website no longer exists. It was be great to see his music highlighted more, especially on a main website, and even a facebook site. We can only hope and wait for all of this to happen. I'm sure his music can be found on iTunes, but there is nothing better than learning of his music by reading up about him on the internet, and seeing his albums are available on CD on such sites as

    Enoch Light passed away in 1978, as he was one month away from his 73rd birthday. He left behind a great collection of his music that was definitely overlooked. With many discovering his music, hopefully it will open new doors for many easy listening fans, and his name and music will get the full recognition he deserved.

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    Iggy Pop--Soldier
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    John Hiatt--The Tiki Bar Is Open