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John Hiatt
"The Tiki Bar Is Open"

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track listing
  • Everybody Went Low
  • Hangin' Round Here
  • All The Lilacs In Ohio
  • My Old Friend
  • I Know A Place
  • Something Broken
  • Rock Of Your Love
  • I'll Never Get Over You
  • The Tiki Bar Is Open
  • Come Home To You
  • Farther Stars

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    John Hiatt
    "The Tiki Bar Is Open"

    John Hiatt has finally arrived to WSVNRadio, as the Album Pick of the Week. His 2001 release, The Tiki Bar Is Open marks his debut here. John Hiatt has always been a favorite of mine, as his songs were mostly popular, recorded by other artists. As a songwriter and singer, his songs stand out as Americana music for some, where others call it Rock & Roll. The Tiki Bar Is Open is one of his much later albums, and, like many, it's a very enjoyable release.

    The two main highlights were songs that were regularly aired on Chicago radio station, WXRT FM 93.1 -- "Everybody Went Low" (the album's opening track). While I was listening and reviewing this release, "My Old Friend" came on, and I immediately remembered this song as my personal favorite off this album.

    "Everybody Went Low" kicks it off, and it's your traditional John Hiatt rocker. The music bridge before the verses on "Hangin' Round Here" has The Band's "The Weight" on my mind, when I heard it throughout this song. "All The Lilacs In Ohio" is a good track; as it is John Hiatt.

    Then comes my favorite, "My Old Friend," as I immediately remembered why I purchased this CD, for this particular track. Hiatt sings and plays the blues great, on the next track, "I Know A Place." Yet the lyrics are sad, the ballad "Something Broken" (in my heart) is another good and touching tune by Hiatt.

    "Rock Of Your Love" is an easy feeling track, as it reminds me of The Eagles. Likewise, the easy feeling comes to mind again, on "I'll Never Get Over You." Ah yes, the "cool" John Hiatt rock comes back on the title track. "Come To You" has country-ish feel. The album closes with a very different sounding tune for Hiatt, "Farther Stars." It has the experimental world music feel as Peter Gabriel did.

    You really can't go wrong with the music of John Hiatt. He may have had his best albums previous than Tiki, but, still, it's John Hiatt, and he has always been one of my favorite artists, not just for his singing, but for his great songwriting. The Tiki Bar Is Open is another good and productive album for Hiatt, and a very enjoyable album to listen to.

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