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Guns 'N Roses
"Use Your Illusion I"

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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Right Next Door To Hell
  • Dust N' Bones
  • Live And Let Die
  • Don't Cry (Original)
  • Perfect Crime
  • You Ain't The First
  • Bad Obsession
  • Back Off Bitch
  • Double Talkin' Jive
  • November Rain
  • The Garden
  • Garden Of Eden
  • Don't Damn Me
  • Bad Apples
  • Dead Horse
  • Coma

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    Guns 'N Roses
    "Use Your Illusion I"

    The sky was the limit for Guns N' Roses by 1991... Appetite For Destruction was a milestone debut album. Their next album, G N' R Lies continued with more hits. Use Your Illusion I would be continued with a second album. Use Your Illusion I featured GnR in different styles of music -- blues, classical, heavy metal, punk and rock. The use of piano was used more, definitely heard on "Don't Cry" and "November Rain." Both videos are fan favorites. Many of the songs on Illusion I were meant to be on their Appetite debut, but were put on the back burner -- "Back Off Bitch," "Bad Obsession," "Don't Cry," "The Garden." Another difference was there were songs sung by another member of GnR, other than Axl Rose. Izzy Stadlin provided vocals on "Dust N' Bones," "You Ain't The First," "Double Talkin' Jive." (Stradlin would form his own group, Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds.)

    As for the listening of this album, it's fairly good, although I have never been a true fan of GnR...

    The opening track, "Right Next Door To Hell" is an OK tune, as it is just another Eighties' Hair Band hard rock. "Dust N' Bones" is better, maybe due to the fact of Izzy's vocals. Paul McCartney & Wings' "Live And Let Die" is covered here; and is almost as good as its original. (Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" would appear on "Use Your Illusion II, and is considered one of my favorite cover songs.) "Don't Cry (Original)" is one of many favorites by the GnR fans. The video is just as exceptional.

    As mentioned, GnR's travels into punk rock could be defined on some songs, more like speed metal: "Perfect Crime," "Double Talkin' Jive," "Garden Of Eden," "Don't Damn Me." Not my personal favorite type of music, but its Guns N' Roses making a sound for their own. "You Ain't The First" sounds more like a novelty song, as Van Halen comes to mind, when they did this kind of music of their own.

    The rest of the tracks are basically very good tunes: "Bad Obsession," "Back Off Bitch," "Bad Apples" are all good rockers. "November Rain" is a very impressive ballad. "The Garden" has a more Southern Rock/off-Country feel. "Dead Horse" starts out as a slow-paced track, yet it kicks into another good rocker. The only song I didn't really care for is the album's closing tune, "Coma." Clocking in at 10 minutes in length, it got to the point that the album was closing out, and hearing enough of this album comes appropriate.

    Again, I'm not a huge fan of GnR, yet Use Your Illusion I is a fairly decent album to listen to. There are the great rocking moments, and even the ballads are standouts. Use Your Illusion II would be the next GnR release, and we'll review this album at a later date.

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