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Shadoe Stevens
"American Top 40: February 16, 1992"

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track listing
  • #40) Hearts Don't Think
    (They Feel)--
    Natural Selection
  • #39) Is It Good To You--
    Heavy D & The Boyz
  • AT&T/
    Reeses Pieces/
  • #38) Live For Loving You--
    Gloria Estefan
  • #37) You Showed Me--
  • #36) What Becomes Of
    The Broken Hearted--
    Paul Young
  • Princeton Review/
    Noxzema Skin Cream
  • #35) Breakin' My Heart
    (Pretty Brown Eyes)--
    Mint Conditi
  • #34) That's What Love
    Is For--
    Amy Grant
  • #33) I've Got A Lot
    To Learn
    About Love--
    The Storm
  • AT&T/
    Reeses Pieces/
    Princeton Review
  • #32) Broken Arrow--
    Rod Stewart
  • #31) If You Go Away--
    New Kids
    On The Block
  • #30) Justified And
    The KLF
  • Walt Disney World
  • #29) Thinkin' Back--
    Color Me Badd
  • #28) Too Blind To See It--
    Kym Sims
  • AT&T/NBC-TV/
    Princeton Review
  • #27) Uhh Ahh--
    Boyz II Men
  • Obit: Willie Dixon
  • #26) I Can't Make You
    Love Me--
    Bonnie Raitt
  • #25) I'll Get By--
    Eddie Money
  • AT&T
  • #24) I Can't Dance--
  • #23) No Son Of Mine--
  • Station Mentions
  • #22) Paper Doll--
    P.M. Dawn
  • Greyhound/
    Ryder Rentals/
  • #21) Black Or White--
    Michael Jackson
  • AT40 Sneek Peek:
    Everything Changes--
    Kathy Troccoli
  • #20) Save The Best
    For Last--
    Vanessa Williams
  • Princeton Review/
  • Station Mentions
  • #19) Missing You Now--
    Michael Bolton
    #18) Set Adrit On
    Memory Bliss--
    P.M. Dawn
  • #17) It's So Hard To Say
    Goodbye To
    Boyz II Men
  • AT&T/U.S. Army/
    Princeton Review
  • #16) Vibeology--
    Paula Abdul
  • AT40 Flashback:
    Top 5 Hits From
    February 17, 1990
  • #15) Keep It Comin'--
    Keith Sweat
  • AT&T
  • #14) Mysterious Ways--
  • AT40 Music News
  • #13) Masterpiece--
    Atlantic Starr
  • Walt Disney World/
    Princeton Review
  • #12 Good For Me--
    Amy Grant
  • #11 I'm Too Sexy--
    Right Said Fred
  • #10) The Way I Feel
    About You--
    Karyn White
  • AT&T/Noxzema Skin Cream
  • #09) To Be With You--
    Mr. Big
  • #08) Tell Me What
    You Want
    Me To Do--
    Tevin Campbell
  • U.S. Army/Ryder Rentals/
  • Station Mentions
  • #07) Finally--
    Ca Ca Peniston
  • #06) Can't Let Go--
    Mariah Carey
  • U.S. Army/AT&T
  • #05) Don't Let The Sun
    Go Down On Me--
    George Michael/
    LDD: That's What Friends
    Are For--
    Dionne Warwick &
    Noxzema Skin Cream
  • #04) Remember The Time--
    Michael Jackson
  • #03) All 4 Love--
    Color Me Badd
  • Noxzema Skin Cream/AT&T
  • #02) Diamonds And
    Prince & The N.P.G.
  • #01) I Love Your Smile--
  • Topical Promo, Track 6:
  • Topical Promo, Track 7:
  • AT40 Bonus:
    If You Go Away--

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    Shadoe Stevens
    "American Top 40: February 16, 1992"

    Shadoe Stevens was in his 4th year as host of American Top 40, a weekly radio countdown show, consisting of the current hits, determined from Billboard Magazine's Hot 100. He succeeded Casey Kasem, who was the first original host, from 1970 to 1988. Shadoe Stevens hosted from 1988 to 1995. Casey Kasem returned as host from 1998 to 2004. The countdown show is currently hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who took over in 2004. Countdown shows has always been a favorite of mine, as I first discovered AT40 in 1979.

    This week's review is the weekly countdown from February 16, 1992. The discs contain all of the hits and commercials, and of course, the useful information about each song and more, from the DJ host. This particular broadcast show marks Shadoe's second appearance as our Album Pick of the Week reviews, as his first was chosen in 2002. The broadcast date was May 12, 1991.

    What is interesting is hearing the songs that would be future #1s, or those that had already reached the top of the charts: "Black Or White" by Michael Jackson (1991), "Save The Best For The Last" by Vanessa Williams (1992), "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss" by P.M. Dawn (1991), "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred (1992), "To Be With You" by Mr. Big (1992), "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by George Michael & Elton John (1992), "That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne Warwick & Friends (which was actually a song for the Long Distance Dedication feature, and "All 4 Love" by Color Me Badd (1992).

    Other interesting notes: During the first hour, sampling of a popular song was used for the current hit by Salt-N-Peppa song, "You Showed Me." Originally written by Jim McGuinn and Gene Clark of The Byrds (in 1964), it was recorded in 1969 by The Turtles. Shadoe announced how some songs are sampled, but they are really being "borrowed" or "stolen." Sampling is where a (in most cases, original) snippet of a popular song is used in a new song. Most likely, the original artist (or songwriters) of the song would have to approve the use of sampling. In some cases they are (making it legal), and to others, they used the sampling without asking for permission, which could easily end in a lawsuit, or even an out-of-court settlement.

    During the third hour, Shadoe mentioned celebrity birthdays. One in particular was Sonny Bono. He had just turned 57 in 1992, but sad to say, he died 6 years later in 1998, from a skiing accident. He was 62 when he died.

    Actual radio commercials were aired as part of the broadcast. The broadcast was sponsored by the telephone company AT&T. From reading the notes that came with the show, a log script was printed, as it pointed out the various spots, where radio stations could insert their identification jingles as part of the show.

    Shadoe's Long Distance Dedication (a feature that began with Casey Kasem) is included, and a flashback look of the Top 5 from a previous past year.

    The last disc contains bonus commercials, that would be played throughout the week, prior to the actual broadcast date. These bonus commercials were promo spots. And, another bonus was an upcoming song that would be climbing the charts -- "If You Go Away" by NKOTB (New Kids On The Block).

    The most interesting fact was the show's #1 song: "I Love Your Smile" by Shanice. According to the history of Billboard's Top 100, this song was NOT the #1 song for the week of February 16, 1992. The records show that the song "I'm Too Sexy" was spending it's second week, at the top of the chart.

    The biggest hits, the brightest stars -- facts about each song, and more -- This is what made American Top 40. And the DJ hosts also made the show as great as it was. Most notably, both Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens. I have yet to hear a complete broadcast with the current host, Ryan Seacrest. Most of the AT40 shows (hosted by either Casey or Shadoe) can be found on either vinyl and cd on ebay. I am not sure if this is the same for Ryan Seacrest's show. I would like to collect some of his shows as AT40 host, just as other popular countdown hosts, like Rick Dees and Bob Kingley (Country Countdown).

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