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"Electric Teepee"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • LSD
  • Blue Shift
  • Death Of War
  • The Secret Agent
  • Garden Pests
  • Space Dust
  • Snake Dance
  • Mask Of The Morning
  • Rites Of Netheworld
  • Don't Understand
  • Sadness Runs Deep
  • Right To Decide
  • Going To Hawaii
  • Elecric Tepee

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    "Electric Teepee"

    We travel once again through space and time with the band Hawkwind, a babd that has been very underrated. Their albums are best described as "space rock"; definitely psychedelic for some, and Progressive Rock. Pink Floyd has been a comparison. Their 1992 release, Electric Tepee would be their first release on CD. By now, the band had lost some of their bandmenbers, as the band became a trio: Dave Brock (electric guitar, keyboards, vocals) [he would be the original bandmember since Hawkwind's beginnings], Alan Davey (bass guitar, vocals, keyboards), and Richard Chadwick (drums).

    The album opens with a powerhouse Rock psychedelia track, "LSD." For those who are familiar with the band's earlier music, this one does bring back the early years of Hawkwind. "Blue Shift" has a magical sound, and could be used for meditating. It stands out as one of tbe best tracks, and on this mention, another track down the line in this same mood, is "Space Dust." "Blue Shift" merges with "Death Of War," as both of these songs could easily be a track by itself, "Death Of War" has spoen words. Pink Floyd comes to mind on this particular track.

    "The Secret Agent" is another venture in psychedelic, and has an "almost punk" style. "Garden Pests" starts out very strange, yet turns into more Progressive Rock. Yet a short song, it does get boring, "Space Dust" returns back to the magical, space rock Hawkwind is best known for. This track was mentioned as magical as "Blue Shift."

    "Snake Dance" Psychedelic Pop? Psychedelic, definitely, as Pop may not be the right word, but it's more "preppy" than the common space rock sound "Mask Of The Morning" is Hard Rock blended into Psychedelic Rock. A great track. "Rites Of The Nethelands" is short (37 seconds) and blends into the next track, "Don't Understand." Overall, it has a Medieval Times atmosphere, soundtrack movie music. "Sadness Runs Deep" is just too strange, and has a "creepy" feeling about it. It could be used for a Horror film soundtrack.

    "Right To Decide" is another great Hard Rock track, as this song and "Mask Of The Morning" would fit Hard Rock station formats.

    "Going To Hawaii" starts out magical, like in "Blue Shift" and "Space Dust," then kicks in a bit, and has a warm feeling, just as if you were wanting to go to Hawaii. It's another impressive track. It reminds me a bit of Rick Wakeman's experimental pieces. The title track ends the album, as it has an eerie, horror film soundtrack atmosphere. Strange.

    Experimental, Psychdelic, Hard Rock, Space Rock, Progressive Rock. These are the common sounds heard on Electric Tepee For the Hawkwind fans, this album is considered a masterpiece. It is a very well done album. It's an experiment through space and time. The "magical" tunes are the standouts. Some of the Psychedlia maybe a little too overwhelming. But it all blends well with the overall sounds throughout the album. that stand out. Bands such as Alice in Chains, Creed, and Nirvana are good comparisons.

    Electric Tepee also goes back to the early years and sounds of Hawkwind. It's an experiment. It's an experience. It's electric. All rolled up into a "tepee" of sights and sounds your mind can easily wander through. Hawkwind still continues recording and touring to this very day. A band that should be recognized as one of the best "experimental" bands to ever surface in Popular Music, yet most people don't even know about this band. They should. Hawkwind is a force to be reckoned with, borrowing this line from a space movie. Travel through another adventure in time and space with Hawkwind's Electric Tepee. It is definitely worth the trip.

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