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Year of Release: 1986

track listing
  • The Celts
  • Aldebaran
    (Dedicated To
    Ridley Scott)
  • I Want Tomorrow
  • March Of The Celts
  • Deireadh An Tuath
  • The Sun In The Stream
  • To Go Beyond (I)
  • Fairytale
  • Epona
  • Traid:
    St. Patrick
    Cu Chulainn
  • Portrait
  • Boadicea
  • Bard Dance
  • Dan Y Dwr
  • To Go Beyond (II)

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    If there's ever a moment of peace, relaxation, and quietness with music, it is a defintite must to collect the music of Enya. Her New Age music is for relaxating situations, likeswise good music for romantic dinners and moments. Her debut album of her incredible successful career, Enya gets the nod, and it is also her first album to review on

    I've had Enya's debut album for quite a long time -- The album was released in 1986, and I'm not sure of the exact year when I was first introduced to her music, it obviously have to be at the end of the 1980s. My boss at this time, where I (currently) work at (now in my 30th year), was Mr. James Steimle, introduced me to Enya's music. It was this particular album, her debut, that he had. The song that stood out, and the one that Mr. Steimle really, really enjoyed was "Boadicea." This song is definitely "haunting," in a good sense of the word. But then again, it is probably one of the most intriguing and most beautiful songs you would ever hear. This is New Age music. Not to be confused with New Age Jazz, as most would also call it. Enya's music is definitely not "Jazz," it is more of New Age Music.

    And what a fantastic debut album this was -- The first track, "The Celts" can be found on many of Enya's Best Of's, Greatest Hits, and Essential compilations. The next track is a perfect song to listen to during a rainfall -- "Aldebaran" (Dedicated to Ridley Scott) Who is Ridley Scott, or should I say [Sir] Ridley Scott? He is an English film director and producer. His movie list is quite extroadinary, you can learn more of him here.

    Getting back to Enya... There are many beautifully shaped tracks here: "I Want Tomorrow" almost sounds Gregorian (another type of music I will look forward in reviewing), "March Of The Celt" mixes Classical with New Age. "Deireadh An Tuath" which means "End Of The Tribe" is another haunting short track.

    Simply beautiful gets "The Sun In The Stream," likewise the next track, although it's another short piece, "To Go Beyond (I)" The beginning of "Fairytale" brings a particular Country song, by Collin Raye, "Love, Me," yet it's also another beautiful composition. "Epona" is also beautiful, and quite hypnotizing. The three-song "Triad" is another beautiful track, as the three songs are "St. Patrick/Cu Chulainn/Oisin."

    "Portrait" is more of a Classical feel, and yes, another beautiful track. "Bard Dance" is another short and beautiful piece, likewise beautiful on "Dan Y Dwr" (which means "Beneath The Waters"). The album closes with the second part of "To Go Beyond (II)" -- Just as the first part, simply beautiful, and a minute longer than its first part.

    Simply beautiful, simply amazing... Enya's debut is a must for those who enjoy peaceful, relaxing music. Enya has made a very successful name for herself in New Age. She has had many original and best ofs (and the like) reach #1 on the Billboard New Age Jazz albums chart. Enya is already a legend. Her music is worth collecting, and very enjoyable to relax by. Start with her debut, and continue onward. We'll be hearing more of her music to be reviewed. If you're heard of (and enjoy) her hit "Boadicea," you'll enjoy her music overall. And if you enjoy her music, you just may want to check out Rick Wakeman's Classical/New Age releases also.

    Enya .. one name for New Age music .. says it all ..

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