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Ferlin Husky
"Greatest Hits"

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Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • Gone
  • A Dear John Letter
  • Wings Of A Dove
  • Just For You
  • Once
  • Every Step Of The Way
  • I Can't Stop Loving You
  • I Feel Better All Over
  • My Reason For Living
  • Heavenly Sunshine
  • I Really Don't
    Want To Know

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    Ferlin Husky
    "Greatest Hits"

    Ferlin Husky was a Country singer, most notably, his biggest hit was "Wings Of A Dove," (Also titled "On THe Wings Of A Dove." His name may not ring bells to some, but his "Wings" song has been a well-known song in Country music. It was #1 for a total of eight weeks on the Country songs chart, in 1960/1961.

    He also accomplished two other #1 hits in Country: "A Dear John Letter" (with Jean Shepard, six weeks, 1953), and "Gone" (10 weeks, 1957). He would have other hits, "Once" and "Just For You" After moving from Capitol Records to ABC, he would accomplish more hits from the early 1960s to early 1970s. His Greatest Hits released on the Curb label reviewed this week, only has 11 tracks, as they seem to be all from Capitol. (The liner notes do not list the years of release.)

    All of the tracks are simply defined as "Country." Some can be compared to Sonny James, another well-known Country artist. "I Feel Better All Over" is more honky-tonkish, or even rockabilly. Maybe compared to the very early Country (Hank Williams Sr., Webb Pierce, Hank Snow). "My Reason For Living" also has the early Country sound. The standard "I Can't Stop Loving You" is here, which was popular by other artists, most notably, Ray Charles and Conway Twitty. "I Really Don't Want To Know" is another good track, as I remember this version by Elvis Presley in the 1970s.

    He also recorded as two other names, Terry Preston, and Simon Crum. One individual, Smiley Burnette, indicated that the name "Ferlin Husky" would not work, yet when going back to his given name, he would accomplish more popularity than with his other names. He was also known to mimic other country singers, and was also an actor.

    He suffered from cardiopathy for many years, and was in the hospital in the late 1970s. He had heart surgery in 2005, and leg blood clots in 2007. He was recovering at home in Vienna, Missouri, as he had lived there as of the year 2009.

    However in 2011, he was back in the hospital, and was about to move out of the coronary care unit. But on March 17, 2011, he passed away at his daughter's home in Westmoreland, Tennesse of congestive heart failure. He was 85 years old.

    Curb's Greatest Hits is just a small sample of his hits and other tracks, as it included all three of his original #1 hits. Ther are other extensive collections out there, I'm sure. His music is definitely Country, and based on this particular compilation, his music can be compared to that of Sonny James. Ferlin Husky will always be remembered for his hit "Wings Of A Dove." It has been a well-known song in early Country music. (The video is worth checking out as well.) He didn't have as many other big hits as say, a Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and the likes, but he will be a part of Country music, and known as an accomplished Country singer. In fact, he was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame, in 2010. He was able to see himself inducted, before his death a year later.

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