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Harry Connick Jr.
"In Concert On Broadway"

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Year of Release: 2011

track listing
  • We Are In Love
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • Besame Mucho
  • The Other Hours
  • Nowhere With Love
  • How Insensitive
  • Come By Me
  • My Time Of Day/
    I've Never Been
    In Love Before
  • All The Way
  • Bayou Maharajah
  • Hear Me In The Harmony
  • Light The Way
  • Take Her To
    The Mardi Gras
  • Bourbon Street Parade
  • Mardi Gras
    In New Orleans

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    Harry Connick Jr.
    "In Concert On Broadway"

    Harry Connick Jr. makes his second appearance as Album Pick of the Week, in less than a year (04/20/2014-We Are In Love). His 2011 release, In Concerr On Broadway was a performance at the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway, filmed on July 30 and 31, 2010. The concert debuted on the WNET "Great Performances" on PBS Television. The album was #1 on the Billboard Jazz Album charts for one week, in March, 2011.

    The concert album showcases Harry Connick Jr.'s incredible talent, both vocally and musically. As an accomplished vocalist, he easily fits the crooning style of Frank Sinatra. In fact, his voice can be a startling close resemblance to Ol' Blue Eyes. His musicianship is also worth mentioning, as he is a piano player, and a good one indeed. Just as his musicanship is, he is one of those artists who takes music seriously, towards his own music, and giving expert advice. This would be a given, when he became a judge on American Idol.

    Two of the tracks from this concert were title tracks of his #1 albums -- The first track, "We Are In Love" and "Come By Me." Just as his many songs, they are in true Jazz form. "Come By Me" has a more "lounge style," maybe a flashback to how Bill Murray was the lounge singer on Saturday Night Live, where Murray was more comedical, Harry performs it more professionally, and as always, having a good time with it.

    The standard "The Way You Look Tonight" is performed in excellent standing. Harry shows his piano skills on "Besame Mucho" and the New Orleans tinged "Bayou Maharajah." Even on "Nowhere With Love," the upbeat jazz has a great instrumental introduction, before the vocals kick in.

    Fans of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett will enjoy songs such as "My Time Of Day/I've Never Been In Love Before." The Sinatra croon shines on "All The Way." On a more serious sounding side, both "The Other Hours" and "How Insensitive" keeps Harry's jazz intact, yet being more serious, mood-setting.

    "Hear Me In The Harmony" has Pop meeting Jazz. And as for the rest, it's Harry "gettin' into it" with upbeat, snappy Jazz, and more of the New Orleans Jazz sound: "Light The Way," "Take Her To The Mardi Gras," "Bourbon Street Parade," "Mardi Gras In New Orleans."

    One thing for sure, is that Harry Connick Jr. made sure that everone enjoys this particular concert. The New Orleans Jazz songs are the ones that gets everyone going, with a mix of common/standard Jazz and original songs written by Harry. Eight tracks written by Harry alone. Another great accomplishment for Harry, along with his performance ability, and piano playing. Harry Connick Jr. has proven himself to be a star in the ranks of his previous crooners. Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett paved the way for Harry, and also Michael Buble. The crooning style have not created a lot of stars in today's musical age. But there should be more of them. Both Harry and Michael are today's stars. We can only hope we can see more. Although we haven't heard much of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., he crooned his way to win on America's Got Talent, in Season 6, 2011.

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