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Bob Dylan
"Nashville Skyline"

© Columbia Records

Year of Release: 1969

track listing
  • Girl From North Country
  • Nashville Skyline Rag
  • To Be Alone With You
  • I Threw It All Away
  • Peggy Day
  • Lay Lady Lay
  • One More Night
  • Tell Me That It Isn't True
  • Country Pie
  • Tonight I'll Be Staying
    Here With You

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    Soundtrack--Who's That Girl
    Bob Dylan
    "Nashville Skyline"

    "Nashville Skyline" is considered "Bob Dylan's Country Album." Not only that, it is probably the only album in which Dylan's voice is actually quite impressive. His voice is normally whiny, and quite honestly, not one of the finest voices in modern music to listen to. This album's biggest hit was "Lay Lady Lay." Truly one of his finest songs, it's a wonder he didn't record another album like this. (An easy compare would be another hit, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door.")

    Johnny Cash helps out on the album's opener, "Girl From North Country." A great duet, and a very pleasant song. "Nashville Skyline Rag" is a great uptempo Country honky tonk instrumental. "To Be Alone With You" is more of a blusey feel -- this song would be covered by Maria Muldauir, on her tribute to Dylan, Heart Of Mine - Love Songs Of Bob Dylan." This original version does have his typical "whiny" voice. The next track. "I Threw It All Away" returns back to his "humble and good (Country) voice." "Peggy Day" is another great Country ditty, as it was the B-side to "Lay Lady Lay," having the 45 single when I was much younger.

    "ONe More Night" will have you asking, "This is Bob Dylan? Why didn't he sing more like this" Well, it is, and in a good sense, his voice is very impressive here, and oh, so Country. It definitely has an early Merle Haggard feels. "Tell Me That It Isn't True" is another impressive track, having a somewhat Adult Contemporary sound that meets Country. "Country Pie" is another good upbeat Country track. The last track, "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You." is another impressive and smooth song.

    Nashville Skyline is Country, it's a different kind of Country too. It's just amazing how a different style of music makes a huge difference for Bob Dylan's voice. He never had a #1 song in his career, yet he has had his share of #1 albums. Nashville Skyline could have easily hit #1 on either or both of the regular album and Country charts.

    As much as everyone disputes the "whiny singing voice" on such songs as "Rainy Day Women," "Mr. Tambourine Man" and so many others, we all scratch our heads, and wonder why Dylan never did more albums like Nashville Skyline, and even more songs like "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." His songwriting has always been exceptional, despite his singing vocal style. But for those who never liked his overall singing style, you'll be simply amazed on how well he did on Nashville Skyline. Only ten songs on this album, but wish there were more, likewise more albums like this.

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    Soundtrack--Who's That Girl