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"...Of Life"

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Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • If You're Gonna Leave
  • Circle
  • Passion
    (Flamenco Interlude)
  • Somewhere Once Before
  • Livin'
  • Dance Of Fire
  • Tastes Like This
  • The Chase
    (Flamenco Interlude)
  • Did Ya Think
  • Torn And Tattered
  • One More Chance
  • Rain
  • Longing
    (Flamenco Interlude)
  • Eu Te Amo
  • Through My Eyes
  • Suplicano Mas

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    "...Of Life"

    Leila (pronounced Lay-la) -- an independent artist, promoted on The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 5, with her track, "If You're Gonna Leave." It is from her 2002 release, ...Of Life.

    To describe Leila's music, it's Latino, Soulful. It could fit the Smooth Jazz formats. Comparing to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, with her Latino, R&B, Soul influences. Her voice is also exceptional. Easily fitting today's Pop/Top 40 formats.

    "If You're Gonna Leave" leads the album. Is it R&B? Soul? Definitely. Soulful gets the nod for "CIrcle," "Somewhere Once Before" is just simply beautiful. Incredibly Soulful, a nice slow and soulful track. "Livin'" is more R&B, fitting most of today's R&B (and to some extent, Hip-Hop) female singers. (Far better than the Hip-Hop/Rap artists, as I compare R&B much better.)

    "Dance Of Fire" continues the simply slow and beautiful Soul. "Tastes Like This" is another cool R&B Soulful track. And so is "Did Ya Think." "Torn And Tattered" -- Despite the title, Beautiful. "One More Chance" is another beautiful, Soulful track, as it matches R&B as well. "Rain" is another slow and cool track, just as you can envision a light and beautiful rainfall.

    "Eu Tu Amo" gets to Leila's Latino spanish style. Incredible. "Through My Eyes" can easily make the Leila name a Diva. This beautiful track compares to the great ballad tunes that fellow Divas Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have recorded. The Latin rhythms ends out the album with "Suplicando Mas."

    There are short 30-40 second tracks of Flamenco (spanish) guitar. These pieces are also exceptional, as you wished you could have heard more.

    But the focus is on her exceptional talent, and her voice. Leila is multi talented: She is an artist. She is a songwriter. Placing her marks on Soul, Smooth Jazz, R&B and Latin, her sound is incredible. Her voice is Passion, her music definitely has the right grooves. ...Of Life is her debut album. This album created a huge worldwide fanbase, and topped several (independeant) music charts. Fans of R&B, Soul, and Latin will enjoy her music and this album.

    Her latest album is Soul Ascension. And again, it showcases Leila's exceptional talent. From reading the reviews, it focuses on humanitarianism, unity and positive uplifting messages. With help from her friends on this album are: Eric Darius (Smooth Jazz saxophone artist), Funkee Boy (songwriter/producer), Romero (flamenco guitarist), and K.C. Porter (grammy award winning producer).

    A truly exceptional artist, WSVNRadio is proud to have promoted her music on on Hall of Fame series. ...Of Life is a great album. Full of Passion. Powerful. It can easily overwhelm today's popular female and overall artists, in the genres of R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz, and even Adult Contemporary. Give Leila's music a listen. It will be worth your while. Her website is found at

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    Previous Review: #1419
    Hawkwind--Electric Teepee
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    Lyle Lovett--The Road To Ensenada