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Lyle Lovett
"The Road To Ensenada"

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track listing
  • Don't Touch My Hat
  • Her First Mistake
  • Fiona
  • That's Right
    (You're Not From Texas)
  • Who Loves You Better
  • Private Conversation
  • Promises
  • It Ought To Be Easier
  • I Can't Love You Anymore
  • Long Tall Texas
  • Christmas Morning
  • The Road To Ensenada
  • Bonus Track

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    Lyle Lovett
    "The Road To Ensenada"

    I'm still trying to figure out Lyle Lovett's music. A most unusual looking lad, he was married to Julia Roberts. Not the most pleasant "eye candy" to many, but one thing that is certain -- his music is quite impressive. Some have labeled him as "Country." His 1996 release, The Road To Ensenada was the first Lyle Lovett CD I ever bought. It was the track "Private Conversation" from this album that I enjoyed, as Chicago radio station WXRT had played it quite a bit. The Road To Ensenada won a Grammy at the 1997 Awards show, for Best Country Album.

    Now when they categorize you as "Country," you have to clearly define the "Country Sound." To me, REAL Country is from the 1970s: Johnny Cash, Waylon & Willie, Merle Haggard. THAT kind of Country. Yes, some of Lyle Lovett's songs can fit the Country formats. But is The Road To Ensenada TRULY a Country album? Well, yes, and no, but hey, I'm not complaining...

    "Don't Touch My Hat" is definitely a Country song, bett yet, it sounds beter than today's Country Pop crap. Americana music comes to mind as well, as many categorize Americana as Country. But it's not really Country music, yet it is just as entertaining as good, traditional Country. Americana music would develop much later after the 1970s. (I think it was labeled when Willie Nelson started his Farm Aid concerts.)

    In the Americana spotlight, songs such as "Her First Mistake" and "Fiona" has that. The next track, "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)" is quite impressive, as we try and categorize this track as Country? Yes, but it's kinda jazzy. Again, quite impressive.

    Speaking of Americana, the band called the Eagles comes to mind. Other than categorizing them as "Rock," their songs do fit the Country style, or some call if "off-Country." When Americana came along, most likely this style would fit. "Who Loves You Better" is a slow song, as it compares to a slow-styled song sung by Don Henley and the Eagles. Another artist that has considered fitting the Americana style is Bruce Springsteen. "Promises" compares to a slow-styled song by him.

    "It Ought To Be Easier" has the Americana/Country sound, as it almost sounds like "Private Conversations." "I Can't Love You Anymore" is definitely compared to the Eagles.

    Another track that would be a favorite is "Long Tall Texan." Alot of great styles here, it's Rock, it's Country, it's Blues. This is a John Hiatt comparison. "Christmas Morning" is a nice slow Christmas tune, in style of another slow Eagles track. The title track is a slow song, and a nice way to end the album.

    After a long pause (1 minute, 30 seconds), a bonus track is heard at the end of the CD. It's a nice track, compared to either the Eagles and/or Bruce Springsteen. This track is titled "The Girl In The Corner."

    Lyle Lovett's music is not really heard on common Top 40 Radio. I don't know why. His music can easily fit any particular music format. Again, it's hard to really determine what category to fit Lyle Lovett. I would probably go with Americana. But look at who he is compared to, from this particular album: The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen. In some songs I can't help but to hear Travis Tritt's "Here's A Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares." The styles too are also impressive: Rock, (definitely) Country, a little of the blues.

    There will be more of Lyle Lovett's albums to review. The Road To Ensenada was the first to notice my attention. In reading reviews of his other albums, they are just as exceptional as the one you are reading about now. Lyle Lovett is a great artist. Not necessarily a Country artist, he would probably be more compared to Bruce Springsteen. Although Bruce would be a much more popular artist than Lyle, Lovett is probably underrated to many.

    Lyle Lovett is an exceptional artist. The Road To Ensenada is just one of many exceptional albums to listen to.

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