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"Who's That Girl"

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Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • Who's That Girl--
  • Causing A Commotion--
  • The Look Of Love--
  • 24 Hours--
    Duncan Faure
  • Step By Step--
    Club Nouveau
  • Turn It Up--
    Michael Davidson
  • Best Thing Ever--
    Scritti Politti
  • Can't Stop--
  • El Coco Loco
    (So So Bad)--
    Conti Mundi

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    "Who's That Girl"

    The Madonna movie "Who's That Girl" soundtrack gets the nod this week, as the movie was a bomb at the box office. (Has there ever been a "good" Madonna movie?) The movie soundtrack achieved a #1 hit, the title of the movie. As for the soundtrack itself, it's your usual late 1980s Pop. Honestly, the mid-1980s contained a lot of crap music, where all the music pretty much was sounding the same, even for the heavier music, often called "80s Hair Bands." Of course, there were the "good moments" of all this from the mid-80s, and even worse, it was paving the way into the new decades with R&B/Hip Hop/Rap crap.

    But as for Madonna, her star was still shining, as her hits were heard on the radio, and getting more Top Ten hits and #1s. There are only four songs by her, and two were popular: The title track, and "Causing A Commotion." "The Look Of Love" has a more serious sound, not as upbeat/pop as the two hit songs. "Can't Stop" is your typical Madonna tune, upbeat, and, it's Madonna.

    As for the rest of the soundtrack, they are mostly take them or leave them. Duncan Faure (former member of the Bay City Rollers, and a member of the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame) has "24 Hours," a very Pop'ish, Madonna'ish track. Club Nouveau (whose claim to fame was their #1 hit remake of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me""Step By Step" -- a Bobby Brown'ish sounding track.

    Michael Davidson's "Turn It Up" is a least-listening song, as this was described as "gratingly banal" and its singer as "one of Madonna's photogenic protegés." A "female Madonna?" Probably not, as his name is not even recognized, although he does have his own youtube channel and facebook site. In one word to listen to: No, it's an easy pass.

    The English band Scritti Politti appears with "Best Thing Ever." (ok, when I saw this name, I'm thinking "Milli Vanilli.") The band was formed in 1977. Since 1982, they've recorded 5 studio albums, their most recent in 2006. They've have UK hits since 1978, into the 21st Century. Their music is referenced as "post-Punk." The band name was chosen as a homage to Italian Marxist writer and political theorist Antonio Gramsci. The correct spelling in Italian to refer to "Political Writings" would have produced "Scritti Politici". Bandmember Green Gartside changed it to "Scritti Politti" as he thought it sounded more rock and roll, like the Little Richard song "Tutti Frutti." "Best Thing Ever" for this soundtrack, is just an "ok" tune.

    Conti Mundi's "El Coco Loco (So So Bad)" starts out as a Madonna-sounding song, and could have easily been recorded by the well-known star. But, as it turns out, this song is what is contained in parenthesis of its title.

    From the movie's Wikipedia page: The film was released on August 7, 1987, and It received negative reviews from critics, therefore it was a box office bomb and It grossed $2.5 million in its first week, while its domestic total was about $7.3 million. Reviewers were highly disappointed with the film, and Foley's direction. Some went on to call it one of the worst films to be released, while others found Madonna's comic timing to be one of the highlights.

    Basically, the movie bombed, and so did the soundtrack. The only good thing about the music are the Madonna tunes.

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