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Regie Hamm
"American Dreams"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • It's Alright
  • American Dreams
  • Babies
  • Shelby Street Bridge
  • Beautiful People
  • Flying
  • Infidels
  • They Know Not
    What They Do
  • Old Man
  • Yolanda's Fine
  • Victim Of Desire
  • White Suburban
  • Faith In Paradise

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    Terror Squad--True Story
    Regie Hamm
    "American Dreams"

    Regie Hamm may not be a well-known name, yet thanks to Chicago radio station WXRT, I heard one of his songs played on their station. It was "Infidels" -- a song referencing well-known celebrities. Makes you think of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire." Hamm has only released two albums, yet his background is quite extroadinary. He started out as a Christian artist, and over time, he had submitted a song to an American Idol competition contest. He was encouraged to send in the song by his wife, who was a huge Idol fan. His song, "The Time Of My Life" won, and became the finale song for Season 7 winner, David Cook. With only two albums under his name, he has had more success as a songwriter, writing songs for artists such as Clay Aiken (another American Idol finalist), and the country band Lonestar. With over 400 songs written, he has been named SESAC songwriter of the year, 4 times. He's also written a book, entitled "Angels & Idols," which was due for release in June of 2010.

    American Dreams is one of those albums that you immediately think, "Wow, this is an awesome album..." And it really is, as Hamm has written every song by himself. Of the 13 songs, he single-handledly wrote each one, with an exception of one, which he co-wrote.

    The song he co-wrote leads off the album, "It's Alright." And as I listen to this song, it could fit today's Country format. (Have to say, today's current Country music is nothing like Country. It sounds way too much like Pop.) However, Regie Hamm provides many songs on American Dreams that could fit the Country format. And quite honestly, these songs are way better than today's Country artists, most specifically, the likes of Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. (Insert your gag phrase here, please...) Fitting the Country format besides the album's opener, we can add another song here as well: "Shelby Street Bridge."

    Not only Country, but the Christian feel is heard on this album, as the title track provides this. Another genre, Lite Rock or Soft Rock is also heard here, as some of these lighter sounding songs could fit the Country format too. "Babies," "Flying," "Old Man" are all well-written tracks. A little mix of Lite Rock and R&B on "Victim Of Desire." The album's closing tune has a nice soft piano rock sound, "Faith In Paradise."

    Then there's some soul/funk heard on "Beautiful People." And your basic Rock tracks heard are "They Know Not What They Do," "Yolanda's Fine," and "White Suburban."

    Then there's "Infidels" -- The celebrity list is quite impressive, as the lyrics provide. UPDATE, 2017: His website,, is no longer online, but when it was, there was an interesting blog page about Infiedels. Luckily, I copied this snippet from it:

    Just after 9/11 I had a song out called “Infidels.” It was a tongue-in-cheek laundry list of everyone in western culture who would be considered by Islam to be an infidel, worthy of death. The point was to show the good and bad of what people become when they’re given freedom to be their own person and follow their own path. I juxtaposed baseball great Billy Martin and Billy Graham (a comparison that raised the eyebrows of more than a few fundamentalists). Musical genius Randy Newman and A-bomb dropper Harry Truman were placed in the same phrase as well as Ted Danson and “all them boys in Hanson. These were all attempts to show the beauty and texture of a diverse society and how I think that’s really a good thing. I listed Muhammad Ali and many said that was faulty because he WAS a Muslim. Well trust me my friends, I’m a highly trained professional and I never do something like this without doing my research. I learned a long time ago not to shoot your mouth off until it’s fully loaded …that sounds kind of gross …but I digress.

    Lyrics: Frank Sinatra, Doris Day - Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay - Jackie Robisnon and JFK - infidels - The Big Bopper, Lil' Kim, Buddy Holly, Eminem - Elvis, The Beatles, all of them - infidels - Chorus: We Know we're living in the wild, wild west - We're only doing what we do the best - Put your religion to the acid test - Move over here - And try to make it work without machine guns - Robert Wagner, Robert Bork - Sergeant Pepper, Sergeant York - Anybody eating pork - infidels - Neal Armstrong, Neil Young - Connie Francis, Connie Chung - Steal an airplane and kill you some - infidels - Chorus: We know we're just a bunch of girls and boys - Who like to party with expensive toys You myst admit we make a catchy noise - You might just dance - But if you don't, could we still have your oil please - Mister Rogers, Mister T - All them kids on Must-See-TV - A bunch of pagan, lazy, free - infidels - Randy Newman, Harry Truman - Speilberg and Teddy Danson - Barry White, Bobby Knight - All them boys in Hanson - Do you really want to tangle with - The home of Jeffrey Dahmer or Susan Smith - You know we'll kill you, eat you - And blame it on somebody else - Chorus: We know we do a lot of crazy shit - Enough to make you throw a hissy fit - Well, take a drink or maybe take a hit (you know what I'm sayin') - Cool yourself down - Do another shot before you make us - Billy Martin, Billy Graham - Dr. Seuss and Sam I Am - Reggie Jackson, Regie Hamm - infidels - You can catch us on the freak - show cam - infidels - Damn fools who don't give a damn - infidels -- Watch the video here.

    There are some comparisons to other musicians on American Dreams. If you're a fan of such artists as AJ Croce (whom I've compared this album greatly to), Lenny Kravitz, and (just a little of) Elvis Costello... This is the album you'll enjoy. Regie Hamm is a great songwriter and artist. His other album was Set It On Fire, released in 2010. (American Dreams was released in 2003.) I'd be curious to check out his second album. His NOW OFFLINE website HAD his music there and more. His latest documentary, "One More Song" tells the true story of shattered dreams and sweet redemption that inspired the American Idol song, "Time Of My Life."

    With only two albums to his name, you want to hear more. American Dreams is a great album. His "One More Song" page is a donation page, as he is trying to get his documentary out, and be told to the world. The music on his website WAS awesome. Here's to an awesome artist, by the name of Regie Hamm. His voice is meant to heard. His singing is meant to be listened. His music is meant to be collected. Discover Regie Hamm. You won't be disappointed.

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    Terror Squad--True Story