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Eddie Rabbitt
"Classics Collection"

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Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • B-B-B-Burnin' Up
    With Love
  • Step By Step
  • The Best Year Of My Life
  • Years After You
  • Warning Sign
  • Someone Could Lose
    A Heart Tonight
  • You Can't Run From Love
  • Our Love Will Survive
  • Nobody Loves Me
    Like My Baby

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    Eddie Rabbitt
    "Classics Collection"

    Country artist Eddie Rabbitt marks his debut with one of his many best of sets, Classics Collection. He had tremndous success as a songwriter and as a singer. Penning "Kentucky Rain" (Elvis Presley) and "Pure Love" (Ronnie Mislap) to name a few, his most remembered songs were the ones he recorded. In collecting his #1 hits, there wasn't a one-cd containing all of them at the time. (Some decades later, there would be an all #1 collection though - Number One Hits was released in 2009). The good thing about sets such as Classics Collections, is that there will be some songs that did reach #1, and other hits and/or album tracks included.

    This is the case for Classics Collection: 9 tracks in all, of which 4 were #1: "Step By Step," "The Best Year Of My Life," and "You Can Run From Love." All of his #1 hits (17 total, 2 were duets) were outstanding. Only bad thing, is that his original albums were never available on CD. And if they were, they would soon be out-of-print. Therefore, trying to find the original albums on CD would be sold at ridiculouly high prices.

    But Eddie Rabbitt's original albums should still be available at affordable prices today. For those who had his popular hits on 45 rpm records, some of those B-sides would be worth having on CD. Most likely, those B-sides were from the original albums. "Pretty Lady" was one of those B-sides I had, and luckily, I was able to find the original album it was from, on CD, for a good price. Now, looking at that album on CD, yes, the price has skyrocketed.

    Aside from the four #1 hits mentioned, the remaining songs are just as enjoyable. The good ol' Eddie Rabbitt Country sound is great on the opening track, "B-B-B-Burnin' Up With Love." "Years After You" is just as good, yet "Warning Sign" just maybe the least favorite from this set. "Our Love Will Survive" and "Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby" are good tunes as well.

    Yet it's the most popular (#1) hits from this collection that are the standouts. And of the four, "Step By Step" is probably the most well-known.

    Some of his original albums on Amazon are sold are somewhat affordable prices. As for the rest, $24 and up. For those just interested in building their mp3 collections, any of his albums (and most likely anyone else) are like $10 each. But there is nothing like having these albums on CD. You get the CD, the booklet of information (if available), or just a printed sheet in the jewel case of the track titles. When receiving the mp3 album, you have to basically print out all of the information. The CD has it all in your grasp. The other thing to mention is that when you build your mp3 collection, just make sure you have a backup of everything. With having a CD, booklet and all, it is all there, and hopefully placed safely, rather than going to your computer storage and locating it. Not to say this is a bad concept, the CD, jewel case, and info is most likely more likely to locate faster. It's just how a collector organizes everything.

    Classics Collection is just a small sampling of Eddie Rabbitt's music. The songs found here were not included on other various best of / greatest hits compilations. Especially those of his #1 hits. 4 #1's are here as mentioned, and a little more to enjoy.

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