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David Gilmour
"David Gilmour"

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Year of Release: 1978

track listing
  • Mihalis
  • There's No Way
    Out Of Here
  • Cry From The Street
  • So Far Away
  • Short And Sweet
  • Raise My Rent
  • No Way
  • It's Deafinitely
  • I Can't Breathe No More

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    David Gilmour
    "David Gilmour"

    David Gilmour -- the musician who replaced Syd Barrett in Pink Floyd -- Syd was a remarkable member of the band, but because of his drug addiction, he was replaced by Gilmour. We can often imagine how Pink Floyd would have become if Syd cleaned up. But, David Gilmour, along with the remaining members of Pink Floyd would become one of Rock's best bands. Their future albums Wish You Were Here, Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall would be outstanding and historic albums. David Gilmour (just as Roger Waters) would emerge on their own solo careers. This week, we look at Gilmour's debut solo album, named after his name. David Gilmour was released in 1978, and this album, although a slight different sound than the band that made him famous -- It is an album possibly overlooked, and honestly, this solo album is an album that is truly enjoyable, and a good start in his solo career.

    The album starts of with the instrumental, "Mihalis." Being and excellent instrumental, it defines Gilmour's musical talent as a guitarist. (He was basically truly a great guitarist throughout his whole music career. It's quite possible that his music abilities, (and vocals) may have been overlooked, yet Gilmour has always been a true musician, singer, and songwriter.

    The album's only single was "There's No Way Out Of Here" -- not Pink Floyd sounding; yet Gilmour rocks on this one, like he always had. "Cry From The Street" is a harder rock style, blues-type, as the guitars are similar to those of ZZ Top guitars. This is an excellent tune. "So Far Away" is piano based, possibly sounding something from the early years of Elton John. One song that was written during this time was "Comfortably Numb." The chord progression of "So Far Away," not unlike it's chorus from "Comfortably Numb" was in a different key. (This is for those who understand the concepts of music in general.) "Comfortably Numb" would later be one of the many tracks (and very popular) from a later album, The Wall. Another song from The Wall was "Run Like Hell" -- as this song would be compared to the next track, "Short And Sweet." In my opinion, there are some guitar spots that resembles it, and it does have an Alan Parsons Project feel. (Alan Parsons would be the producer of the famous Dark Side Of The Moon album.

    Another powerful instrumental is the next track, "Raise My Rent," as this track is one of the few that is Pink Floyd'ish. "No Way" is different than that of Pink Floyd, and another good sounding solo tune. "It's Deafinitely" is another powerful instrumental, and a Progressive Rocker. The album ends with Gilmour's distinctive singing voice Pink Floyd-ing sound, "I Can't Breathe Anymore." It's a nice track to close out the album.

    David Gilmour is a different approach for the acclaimed singer/songwriter/guitarist. With the exception of "There's No Way Out Of Here" all of the songs were written solely or co-wrote by Gilmour. This is well-crafted album. This album may have not been popular, it was quite overlooked. But for the Pink Floyd fan, this album will definitely be a favorite. Gilmour does have many tracks not sounding like the Pink Floyd, yet there are some that are. This was a great approach for branching out on his solo career. Gilmour would have a total of four solo albums in his career, from 1978 to 2015. About Face (1984) was more popular this his solo debut. While the remaining two (from 2006 and 2015) was not as popular, comparing to his 1984 release. Yet everyone will remember David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, his solo accomplishments may have been overlooked, but should be taken in stride to observe. Like his solo debut, after listening to it, fans will be very impressed. As mentioned before, Gilmour has always been an accomplished musician; this solo album will be favored, and easy to add to anyone's musical collection.

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