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Electric Light Orchestra

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Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • Shine A Little Love
  • Confusion
  • Need Her Love
  • The Diary Of Horace Wimp
  • Last Train To London
  • Midnight Blue
  • On The Run
  • Wishing
  • Don't Bring Me Down

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    Electric Light Orchestra

    Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra returns this week, with another exceptional album, 1979's Discovery. "Don't Bring Me Down" is the song I remember, as I had it on a 45. The other big hit from this album was "Shine A Little Love." By 1979, Disco was in full swing, as many Rock bands decided to jump on the Disco bandwagon. The Rolling Stones did this with Some Girls. ELO's Discovery was considered their "Disco album." (Which in my opinion, I tend to disagree; there are only a few songs that I would consider having a "disco sound.") One band that would refuse to jump on the Disco trail was Grand Funk Railroad.

    "Shine A Little Love" ... Disco? Maybe... Yet it is another great ELO song to add to their great assortment of well-known hits. ELO has always presented music in a great form. Theatrical, Beatlesque, Classic(al) Pop. The awesome sound of ELO (as only they could) has "Confusion," great Pop on "Need Her Love," Late-Beatlesque (Sgt. Pepper'ish on a very impressive tune, "The Diary Of Horace Wimp" (almost a comparison to the Beatles' "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite"; it's does not sound like "Mr. Kite," yet it has the atmosphere of the Beatles' superb work, on what would be Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    "Last Train To London" definitely does have the Disco sound, and is probably the only song that would classify as Disco. The great ELO sound comes back on "midnight Blue." "On The Run," like "Shine A Little Love" may have the Disco sound for some, as I classify them as "Disco-maybe." Yet, it is another good ELO tune. Likewise, "Wishing" continues the good and typical ELO. The album closes with the huge hit, "Don't Bring Me Down." Is this one another "Disco-maybe" ? I would say No.

    ELO's Discovery is a great album. Greatest Hits and Box Sets were released afterwards. The band continued with new studio albums after that. The radio hits from these future studio albums weren't as many as their prime years of the 1970s decade. However, there was at least one hit from each new studio album. Discovery would reach #1 on the UK Albums chart. It would be the band's first UK #1. Surprisingly, ELO has never achieved a US #1 hit, nor have they had a US #1 album in their career.

    ELO is truly one of the best bands in Rock History. Unfortunately, they are not in the Rock Hall of Fame... yet. Although some classify them as a "symphonic band" or an orchestra, and even Classical. Jeff Lynne's ELO has always been a great band, in my opinion. One day, we will see them inducted into the Rock Hall, as the wait will end, as they will be recognized as one of the best bands in Rock. There are many other artists/bands that deserve to be in the Hall. ELO is on the waiting list. Time will tell when we will finally see them in the Hall, as they rightfully deserve.

    UPDATE: Electric Light Orchestra was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017. Other inductees that year were Pearl Jam, 2Pac, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Janet Jackson, and Bad Brains.

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