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"Don't Judge A Song By Its Title"

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track listing
  • Saturday Night
  • Fondle-Me-Elsa Doll
  • Daddy Just Loved That
    T And A
  • Abstinence Makes
    The Heart Grow
  • The Meat Packer's Song
  • Rude Crude
    Abnormal Dude
  • Lusty Busty
    Femme Fatale
  • Life In The Real World
  • No Cover Free
    Drinks Tonight
  • Baby Boomer Man
    Gen-X Girls
  • Big Busted Women
    Flat Busted Broke
  • Up For Hanky Panky

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    "Don't Judge A Song By Its Title"

    Summeoyo is definitely Dr. Demento material. He is from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame Series, particularly, Volume 10.

    A good profile description about Summeoyo from He's not pure comedy. He's not pure music. He's just pure fun. Summeoyo (pronounced "some-yo-yo") blurs the line between comedy and music. He has received thousands of plays on the Internet and some exposure on college and commercial radio. Summeoyo now brings his music -- both as an artist and a songwriter to BROADJAM.COM. He has performed live in the areas between Pittsburgh, PA and Harrisburg, PA and has performed in San Diego, CA; Atlanta, GA; and Cleveland, OH. He has had airplay and has done interviews for commercial and college radio. In addition to the songs that the artist performs as "Summeoyo", demos of songs that the artist has written or co-written shall be available for plays at this site. In addition to Honorable mentions in a past Billboard Song Contest and ranked songs on, Summeoyo has several songs under publishing and co-publishing contracts. WHite Collar Man placed as a semifinalist in the UK songwriting Contest 2008.

    Let's just say that Summeoyo's music is different. Probably the only radio format that would fit his music, would be Novelty. Even Demented Novelty. And, let us not forget Internet Radio, where many stations there can easily add his music to their stations. Just by looking at some of the song titles, this album name does speak for itself -- "Don't Judge A Song By Its Title."

    "Saturday Night Confessions," "Fondle-Me-Elsa Doll," "Daddy Just Loved That T And A" (yes, these are the actual song titles...) They all have the demented atmosphere.

    Then the rest of the album may have a comedical sound, as they all are mostly instrumentals. The song titles here are just as equally demented sounding as the others: "The Meat Packer's Song," "Rude, Crude, Abnormal Dude," "Lusty, Busty, Femme Fatale," "Life In The Real World (Sucks)," "No Cover Free Drinks Tonight," "Baby Boomer Man Gen-S Girls" are all in more of an instrumental phase, yet with these song titles, you'd like to hear an actualy storyline (lyrically) for each.

    As again for demented, "Big Busted Women Flat Busted Broke" could pass as a Country and Western songtitle. Strange is the best way to describe this track. Just plain strange... Yet we go back to the comedy demented for the album's closing song, "Up For Hanky Panky."

    Summeoyo's Don't Judge A Song By Its Title" not only has a title that makes you think, and you do this exactly, but looking at the songlist for this album. Maybe this album isn't meant for everybody. But for those who can appreciate humor, then this album is not as bad as you would think. It has it's moments, as that demented sound does grow on you after a while. This album is meant for its Novelty, and Dr. Demento's program fits perfect with Summeoyo's music.

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    Previous Review: #1487
    The Knack--Normal As The Next Guy
    Next Review: #1489
    Sawyer Brown--Greatest Hits 1990-1995