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Jeff Lorber Fusion

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Year of Release: 2011

track listing
  • Live Wire
  • Big Brother
  • Montserrat
  • Singaraja
  • Galaxy
  • City
  • Horace
  • The Samba
  • Rapids
  • Wizard Island
  • The Underground

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    Jeff Lorber Fusion

    Despite today's Pop (and even Country) music being bad, (let's face it, "sucks" is a better word) -- there is one genre that has always stood out as great, incredible music. Maybe a lot of music fans just never caught on to it, but Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and New Age Jazz has certainly been representing some incredible music within the past few decades. This week, we look at one of those artists, (and his debut here on WSVNRadio), Jeff Lorber. His Fusion band (and his own solo albums) has released some fantastic music. Galaxy contained two #1 songs from Billboard's Smooth Jazz Songs chart: "Big Brother" and "City."

    In only one word, this album is "fantastic." It's great Jazz at its best. Great upbeat jazz numbers, and cool, smooth driving jazz as well.

    Most of the tracks on Galaxy are upbeat and/or upbeat funky tunes. The lead-off track, "Live Wire," is definitely upbeat, and is probably the best upbeat jazz you'll ever hear. The same goes for the remaining upbeat/funky tunes: "Monsterrat," "Galaxy," "Horace," "The Samba," "Rapids," and "The Underground."

    Then there are the two tracks that reached #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz songs chart: "Big Brother" (April, 2012) and "City" (September, 2012). "Big Brother" is smooth and groovin'. "City" is another great upbeat jazz tune.

    Which leaves us with two remaining songs: "Singraja" -- another smooth, cool jazz tune, and "Wizard Island," another upbeat jazz song, and the title of one of his previous albums.

    Getting away from the crap music of Pop and Country today, Jazz is definitely your best solution. Galaxy by the Jeff Lorber Fusion will leave you with a great feeling, and wanting to hear more of his music, and other Smooth Jazz artists. You can't go wrong with Galaxy... It will place you in a galaxy all on your own.

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