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Jennifer Lopez
"J To That Lo! The Remixes"

© Epic Records

Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Love Don't Cost A Thing
    (RJ Schoolyard Mix)
  • Ain't It Funny
    (Murder Remix)
  • I'm Gonna Be Alright
    (Track Masters
  • I'm Real
    (Murder Remix)
  • Walking On Sunshine
    (Metro Remix)
  • If You Had My Love
    (Dark Child
    Master Mix)
  • Feelin' So Good
    (Bad Boy Remix)
  • Let's Get Loud
    (Pablo Flores Remix)
  • Play (Sack
    International Remix)
  • Waiting For Tonight
    (Jex's Monentous
    Radio Mix)
  • Alive

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    Jennifer Lopez
    "J To That Lo! The Remixes"

    Remixes = Rap Crap. This is the case for Jennifer Lopez's remix album J To The Lo! The Remixes. The original versions are way far more better (for the ones that I knew). Remixes are for the rap and club fans. They tend to have more beat rhythms. And quite honestly, if you're not a fan of Rap, this album will not be for your listening ears.

    Her original (and #1) versions of "If You Had My Love," "I'm Real" and "Ain't It Funny" all get the remix treatment here. But, I can honestly say, that these remixes are definitely not the better. But then again, I am not a true fan of hit remixes.

    I do remember the original of "Love Don't Cost A Thing". A good original, yet the remix has too much of a Rap feel, and it's the kind of Rap that most will not enjoy. "I'm Gonna Be Alright" is just an ok remix. "Walking On Sunshine" (not the Katrina & The Waves version, and if it is, it sure doesn't sound like it) does have hope, as it is probably the best remix.

    "Feelin' So Good" is better, yet it's not good, and not a great remix either. "Let's Get Loud" -- um, no, let's not. And "Play" would not get the repeated Play button either.

    The original version of "Waiting For Tonight" was not a #1 hit, but it should have. The original version is better than the remix.

    Which brings us to the last track, "Alive". It is not a remix, as it is a soft ballad, and very nice recording-wise. This would probably be the second of two songs worth listening to, next to "Walking On Sunshine."

    J To The Lo! The Remixes is only for the remix and/or club mix fan. The remixes here are fast-paced, with Rap. It's the common R&B mixes of today. Whether we enjoy it or (preferably) not, this kind of music is extroadinary popular, especially to today's younger generation. For us old geezers, the Classic Rock is what we will always enjoy best. Today's music of Pop, R&B, Rap does produce frowns to some, and to others, just trying to digest what is popular in today's musical endeavors. This remix album is not for everone, it certainly isn't for me.

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