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Kenny Chesney
"Life On A Rock"

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Year of Release: 2013

track listing
  • Pirate Flag
  • When I See This Bar
  • Spread The Love
  • Lindy
  • Coconut Tree
  • It's That Time Of Day
  • Life On A Rock
  • Marley
  • Must Be Something
    I Missed
  • Happy On The Hey Now
    (A Song For Kristi)

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    Kenny Chesney
    "Life On A Rock"

    Another album of Kenny Chesney's -- his "Country" style in recent albums has been easily compared to that of Jimmy Buffett. But, is Jimmy Buffett "Country Music" ? In my honest opinion, no. If he was, then we could say The Eagles is Country. Or Jackson Browne. Sure, their music has touched the Country playlists, having a "somewhat" Country sound. Then again, Jimmy Buffett's music could also be called "Tropical." Maybe in some instances, "Tropical" could fit the music of Kenny Chesney. Either way, the tropical atmosphere (of sitting back in a beachlike, tropical scenery) would fit either Buffett's or Chesney's music. Chesney's 2013 release, Life On A Rock surely fits the beach atmosphere. None of the songs reached #1 on the Country chart, yet there were only 2 hit singles from the album. (Normally, one or more songs from a Chesney album has hit the top of the Country, and/or either hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and Country albums charts.)

    But having said all this, in comparing to what kind of Kenny Chesney's music is, Life On A Rock is a very well-done album. Sure, there are the typical Chesney/Buffett comparisons, and your typical laid back Chesney-styled tunes. If you do enjoy Chesney's music, this album you will also enjoy.

    My only complaint is the first track, "Pirate Flag." It was the first single from the album, and in no shape or form, does it resemble Country music. In my opinion, it sounds more like a song that Tom Petty would record. Getting this song out of the way, the rest of the album blends into your "typical Kenny Chesney album."

    "When I See This Bar" continues the "Kenny Chesney meets Jimmy Buffett music." It's a good track, nonetheless. What is very interesting (and impressive) is the next track, the reggae-inspired "Spread The Love." Bob Marley's Wailers with Elan (a female Latin American songwriter).

    "Lindy" is your typical Kenny Chesney laid back (and enjoyable) tune. Another good track, is "Coconut Tree" (with Willie Nelson). The Jimmy Buffett comparison continues with this one, and is also compared to the music of Steve Goodman. The flow still grows with "It's That Time Of Day" -- another nice Kenny Chesney tune, and can be compared to another Country legend, Don Williams.

    The title track is a good track, and nice gets the verdict on "Marley." "MUst Be Something I Missed" is a little different; it has a slight bluesy, even jazzy sound. The last track, "Happy On The Hey Now (A Song For Kristi)" is another nice tune, as it was written in memoriam for Kristy Lynn Hansen. She was a long-time resident and local on the island of Saint John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which Chesney had lived there. She was an employee of Woody's and La Tapa resturants. "Hey Now" was the name of a boat that Hansen and Chesney used to spend time during their stays on the island. Hansen pssed away while giving birth to her daughter, who also died. Her boyfriend was Kenny's boat captain, Captain Ben. Kristi Lynn Hansen was 35 years old.

    Life On A Rock is another album to enjoy on the sunset -- kick back on a sunny beach, and just forget your troubles. His albums like this does give you a happy feeling, and yes, just trying to get away from the current life's situations. Kenny Chesney has always achieved good-to-great albums. This is another one to enjoy. Although no real "big hits" were from it. The laid back, typical Chesney songs are the ones to enjoy. My favorite is "Lindy."

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