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Mel McDaniel
"Greatest Hits"

© Capitol Records

Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • Louisiana Saturday Night
  • Anger And Tears
  • Stand Up
  • Hello Daddy
    Good Morning
  • Let It Roll (Let It Rock)
  • Baby's Got Her
    Blue Jeans On
  • Old Man River
    (I've Come To
    Talk Again)
  • Love Is Everywhere
  • Big Ole Brew
  • Do You Want
    To Say Goodbye

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    Mel McDaniel
    "Greatest Hits"

    Mel McDaniel may not have been a well-known Country name, but there are two songs that you would be know, if you were listening to Country music, back in the early 1980s. "Louisiana Saturday Night" and his #1, "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" are the ones that I remember the most. His 10-track Greatest Hits is a fine collection of good Country music. He began his music career in the late 1970s, as the tracks from this compilation are within the 1980s decade.

    The lyrics in Mel's songs are somewhat novelty-ish, but they do make you think. Rather than in today's music, which is pretty much blunt, and "in your face" brutal. "Lousiana Saturday Night" and "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" has not only a great Country sound, but the lyrics do make you chuckle a bit.

    Then there's the typical sad Country lyrics, as heard in "Anger And Tears." The same can be sad for the closing track, "Do You Want To Say Goodbye." "Stand Up" is another good Country tune, and "Hello Daddy, Good Morning Darling" has a Merle Haggard-ish style. Then there's the Chuck Berry remake, "Let It Roll (Let It Rock)", in good ol' Country boogie woogie flavor.

    More nice Country has "Old Man River (I've Come To Talk Again)". But the remaining two to mention, are just ok. Not bad Country songs, just that the other tracks are better. "Love Is Everywhere" and "Big Ole Brew."

    Some artists to compare to Mel McDaniel are the likes of Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee. Mel McDaniel is good ol' Country, as it should be.

    As to whatever happened to Mel McDaniel, sad to say, in 1996, he took a near-fatal fall in an orchestra pit while performing at the Heyman Performing Arts Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. His touring career ended, as he went through several surgeries, which he never recovered from. In 2009, he suffered a heart attack, placing him into a coma. He did recover, but on February 19, 2011, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and passed away at his home on March 31, 2011 from this disease. He was 68 years old.

    Mel McDaniel is probably best known for the two songs "Louisiana Saturday Night" and "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On." He recorded a total of 13 albums, from 1977 to 2006. His Greatest Hits compilation reviewed this week is a fantastic 10-track look at his best music. Another greatest hits album, named after the blue jeans #1, has 11 more songs -- This particular compilation's title states that the recordings are his originals. However, when reading the reviews, some of the songs (including the two I mentioned) are re-recordings, and not the originals. One song was listed on the album, but it wasn't the actual song. Also to mention, in looking at his other great hits compilations, they are also remakes. So this 10-track greatest hits compilation would be the best, in looking for his original recordings. Of course, for the Mel McDaniel fan, there are more songs that should have been included. But having the most well-known hits are here, and I guess that really all that matters. His two songs mentioned will be featured on many Country Classics shows, and listening to the other tracks on his Captiol Greatest Hits, we can all agree, that Mel McDaniel definitely was Country, and he had a great voice for it.

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