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Year of Release: 1989

track listing
  • Young Lust
  • F.I.N.E.
  • Going Down/
    Love In An Elevator
  • Monkey On My Back
  • Water Song/
    Janie's Got A Gun
  • Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side
  • My Girl
  • Don't Get Mad Get Even
  • Hoodoo/
    Medicine Man
  • What It Takes

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    Aerosmith returns this week, with one of their finest albums of their career -- 1989's Pump. It's title referred to the band's soberness, away from drugs. They were now "pumped," and free from the long years of drug abuse. This album followed Permanent Vacation, (1987) an album that brought back Aersomith to greater success than when they first achieved it, with the debut album ("Dream On"), and the classic album Toys In The Attic ("Sweet Emotion," "Walk This Way').

    Pump definitely deserves it's name for this band. Not a bad track found anywhere here. The biggest hits were "Love In An Elevator," "Janie's Got A Gun," "The Other Side," and "What It Takes." Although Aersmith in their entire career, never achieved a #1 album, nor #1 song. Until much later, they would achieve one from each of those categories mentioned. Their version of "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from the movie Armageddon hit the top of the chart, marking their only #1 song. [It seems that the harder rock bands achieved greater success with ballads; look at Bryan Adams... "Heaven," "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" were #1s for him]. (Details of their only #1 album is mentioned later in this review.)

    But Aerosmith rocks on Pump. The first two tracks, "Young Lust" and "F.I.N.E." displays them as a rockin' band, both instrumentally and with Steven Tyler's vocals. "Going Down/Love Is An Elevator" -- the video is quite interesting, especially on the "Goin' Down" part, as the lady on the elevator obviously has a different meaning of the phrase, rather than an elevator going down to an appropriate floor.

    The rocking keeps continuing, on "Monkey On My Back." It's another great rockin' and groovin' Aerosmith song. "Janie's Got A Gun" is not really one of my favorites by the band, yet it was a big radio hit. Then there's "The Other Side," a truly great song, and another heavy radio airplay track. "My Girl" is another rockin' deep cut track.

    The album winds down a bit, and in a good waty with "Don't Get Mad Get Even." "Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man" is different, as it is almost a speed metal sound. The album closes with the radio hit "What It Takes," another good song.

    ONLY #1:
    Pump returned Aersomith with rock greatness. The band had recovered from their drug abuse years, and rewarding themselves with another great album, and the fans were gracious in having them back. Aerosmith's next album "Get A Grip" (1993) also returned them to superstar status. It would be their only #1 album (on Billboard's Hot 200 albums chart). Surprisingly, they would achieve their second #1 album on the Billboard Blues Album chart, with Honkin' On Bobo (2004). It is just amazing how none of their "classic" songs/albums from their early years didn't hit the #1 summit. Albums after Grip didn't reach #1, and some of the songs from each album were not as popular as their "classic" songs. Yet, Aerosmith has always been one of the best bands in Rock & Roll, and most respected. Steven Tyler would become a judge on American Idol, and he is currently working on his first solo album, being a Country album. (Quite interesting on that; being a Country artist...)

    For those who want to rock, Pump will get you going. It's Aerosmith, and throughout their ups and downs, they still knew how to rock. Some albums were not as good as others, but you have to give them the credit they fully deserve. And yes, they are proud members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as they were inducted in 2001. Some think that Steven Tyler was Mick Jagger's long lost brother. One thing for sure, their appearance definitely set the stage. They both knew how to perform, not only vocally, but visually. Aerosmith is truly one of the best bands in Rock. They still perform today, and they can prove (like many other of the older artists), you're never too old to Rock & Roll.

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    Jeff Lorber Fusion--Galaxy
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