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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
"The Sky Is Crying"

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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Boot Hill
  • The Sky Is Crying
  • Empty Arms
  • Little Wing
  • Wham
  • May I Have A Talk
    With You
  • Close To You
  • Chitlins Con Carne
  • So Excited
  • Life By The Drop

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    Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
    "The Sky Is Crying"

    Stevie Ray Vaughan -- The Sky Is Crying -- This was the album that was released after his untimely death, from a helicopter crash in 1989. The album contained unreleased tracks, originally recorded between 1984 and 1989. (Basically Stevie's entire career, starting with Couldn't Stand The Weather up to In Step.) Released in 1991, the album was put together by Stevie's brother, Jimmie. Jimmie is also involved in music, most known as guitarist for the band the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The songs contained on The Sky Is Crying were mostly songs that were "put on the shelf," not exactly "fitting" the rest of a particular album, getting ready for release.

    "Boot Hill" -- the song's lyrics was a little "too dark" to fit the rest of the album, and as I listen, I ask, "Is that Stevie singing?" His vocal style is totally different (maybe sounding like a female), yet towards the end of certain verses, you can easily tell it's Stevie's voice. The title track, is probably THE best version of this song I have ever heard. Yet, it's sad too, as you listen, because the sky certainly did cry, as SRV perished to an untimely death, on August 27, 1990, from a helicopter crash, after he had performed at Alpine Valley Music Theater, in Wisconsin. Eric Clapton was also one of the performers that evening.

    "Empty Arms" appeared on the album Soul To Soul and what is different about this particular version, is that Stevie played drums. It's classic SRV; as compared to another great song from the album, "Pride and Joy." Then there's the instrumental "Little Wing," which was originally recorded (with vocals) by Jimi Hendrix. This instrumental is just plain fantastic. It's one of the songs, if you wanted to become a guitar player, this would probably be one of the songs you would learn, and try to be an accomplished guitar player.

    "Wham" was originally recorded by one of SRV's heroes, Lonnie Mack. Stevie had produced Mack's album Strike Like Lightning, Mack's 1985 comeack album. The song is a rockin' 3-chord instrumental boogie. "May I Talk With You" is from another one of his heroes, Howlin' Wolf. It's a great slow blues track. "Close To You" was penned by Muddy Waters, and although Stevie didn't really get credit for his singing, rather his guitar playing. This track is another cool, groovin' tune, as in "Pride And Joy."

    Then there's the instrumental gem "Chitlins Con Carne." It's "SRV Jazz." This would have been a great entire album of Jazz music like this, had he lived. Fans of Jazz legend Wes Montgomery will like this one, This song was by Jazz legend Kenny Burrell. Burrell isn't a recognizale name, yet this song has Stevie in a different light, and again, it would have been great to hear an entire album of this style.

    "So Excited" is another rockin' instrumental blues track, and the last one, "Life By The Drop" is different and mellow tune, about addiction, and how people persue their dreams. The song was written by Doyel Bramhall and Barbara Logan. As it started out, the song was written as an inspiration to Stevie Ray. Just as many other addicts, Stevie Ray had his demons, and he had just surpassed them. He had come back to record the album In Step, as he was refreshed, and ready to launch another chapter in his great career. Sadly, that would end when his helicopter crash, killing everyone on board.

    The Sky Is Crying is another great collection of Stevie Ray Vaughan material. The highlights are the title track, and the Hendrix song "Little Wing." Any fan of SRV will enjoy this album. It just makes us sad, that he would pass away in a tragic helicopter crash, taking away his extreme talent. His guitar playing was inspired by another great guitar legend, Albert King. His guitar style has inspired many guitar players during and after his life. He is truly one of the guitar legends, and his music will live on, for many generations to come. Stevie Ray Vaughan was only 35 years old when he left us. We can only imagine what other great music he would have achieved, as he would have been 61 today. But his recorded music will live on, and we can enjoy his albums over and over. We will never forget him, as he is truly one of the great legends. He was voted the twelfth great guitar player of all time, and was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, in 2015.

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