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Blue Oyster Cult

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track listing
  • Godzilla
  • Golden Age Of Leather
  • Death Valley Nights
  • Searchin' For Celine
  • Fireworks
  • R.U. Ready 2 Rock
  • Celestial The Queen
  • Goin' Through
    The Motions
  • I Love The Night
  • Nosferatu

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    Blue Oyster Cult

    When I was younger, there were only two of Blue Oyster Cult's albums in my vinyl collection: Agents Of Fortune, which had one of their biggest hits, "Don't Fear The Reaper." The other was Spectres which had the FM hit, "Godzilla." I would later have a 45 of "Burnin' For You." Blue Oyster Cult is one of those bands that had so much music, and yet, no one really knew of it. Their early albums featured great tracks, and although some albums were better than others, BOC would be one of Rock's greatest bands. (Of course, let us not forget the Saturday Night Live cowbell skit with Will Farrell; and since I stopped watching the show for many years at the time, I really thought the character Ferrell played was a member of the band. The giveaway was VH1's Behind The Music intro, of which I was watching this show pretty regularly.)

    Spectres not only contained the "Godzilla" hit, it had another song I've always enjoyed: "Goin' Through The Motions" -- it's pop-styled sound would have attracted more on AM Radio than FM. As for the remaining songs, it would contain a different type of Rock music, that only Blue Oyster Cult could put their own name on it.

    Songs on Spectres such as "Golden Age Of Leather" and even "Celestial The Queen" are great rocking tracks. "Leather" has an intro similar to that of Queen, yet when it kicks in, it's BOC Rock. "R.U. Ready 2 Rock" is also a rocking number, but not as equal as the other rocking songs mentioned. (I get this title confused with the Michael Schenker's song of the same title.)

    Speaking of Pop as heard on "Motions, " "Fireworks" is another track, with it's Pop/Rock orientation. "Death Valley Nights" and "Searchin' For Celine" are just "ok tunes." And basically, alot of BOC's songs are almost similar. It most likely takes more listens to achieve better greatness. And lastly, songs such as "I Love The Night" and "Nosferatur" are more mellow, yet it does even out the album, with rocking tunes, and familar BOC-sounding tracks.

    Yet Spectres is a good album -- the songs here kinda has you wanting for more. No argument, Blue Oyster Cult is one or Rock's most favorite bands. Like many bands and artists, they have yet to be inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame. They didn't even accomplish a #1 album, nor a #1 hit in their heyday. They should have, especially the "Reaper" song -- It is one of Rock's most favorite songs; and this was long before SNL's cowbell skit came along. (The song was released in 1976.) In looking up the "Reaper's" rank, it is #53 from the Ultimate Classic Rock countdown.

    Blue Oyster Cult is one of those bands that grows on you. Their albums are quite good, and extroadinary. No doubt, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their music is truly enjoyed by the Classic Rock fans. Although their popularity in songs were not as extroadinary as bands such as The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and the likes, they will always be a great band, regardless.

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